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  • APWT Albania 2014

    APWT June 2014, Albania, with the participation of APPI

    Here is the link of the video from APWT Albania.
    A big thank you to Mendo Veljanovski (master APPI) and Roland Dorozhani (APPI Instructor) for their help.
    Note: APPI is recognized by Albanian Civil Aviation.

  • Petition against mandatory transponder for free-flyers in Austria!

    Commercial aviation is requesting more controlled space, the development of drones generates ever increasing exclusion zones, our free flight space is restricted.
    For the first time, the civil aviation authority in a country intends to require the use of a transponder for paragliding and hang gliding.
    The consequences would be disastrous for the activity, technical and financial constraints are extremely important. The Austrian federation, the DHV and local pilots who defend the free flight need your support.
    Please take a moment to sign this petition: here and here.

  • Blind man solo flight


    A visually impaired (Blind) achieves Solo Flight
    Divyanshu met Avi and Anita from temple pilots at their home a month back with a simple request – he wanted to fly. The only challenge was that he was blind.
    After 5 days of training, ground school, one on one intense session with Avi Malik (CFI Templepilots) & the team, many hours at the flying site, Divyanshu has completed his historic successful Solo flight yesterday.
    It’s an achievement we are cherishing deep in our hearts.

  • Creation of APPI PG Pedagogical Committee

    The role of this committee is to take decisions about education system, contents of courses, exams, educational manuals, the choice of APPI masters, to black list members, to manage the complaints not resolved by the secretary, and to propose amendments to the internal rules about the pedagogical choices for Paragliding activity.

    Use this forum to discuss with the committee members on education topics.

  • Fly More Project, Bulgaria 2013-2015

    Discover Bulgaria and become an APPI professional pilot with APPI master instructors.

    April – May 2014, September – October 2014, September – October 2015

    More info here

  • New APPI activity, APPI ParaTrike, visit and join us!

    • Download for free the APPI logbook for Solo pilot, passport size.

  • Thankyou to all APPI members !!!

    Paragliding unites Instructors and Pilots around the globe.

    This is the APPI spirit!

Everyday, more and more paragliders are joining APPI !

There are now APPI members in 93 different countries !!!

It is now two years since the cost of the subscription and the APPI member card has not changed. Early September, the fee will increase to 27 Euros, and certification card to 8 Euros. We have limited the increase to a minimum, but without it we could not cope with our ever increasing expenses.

- Secretary,
- Your certification card,
- Lawyer for international rights and your protection,
- Insurance dealing,
- Sponsoring projects,
- Insurance contract,
- Pedagogic development,
- Itinerant instructors and masters,
- Support of local schools,
- Instructor support ,
- To improve and support APPI service, website development...

Join APPI by Equivalence Join APPI for free, you can become a member without being certified, but only an APPI instructor can certify your level for paraglider pilots, or an APPI master for instructors.

APPI provides a paragliding license based on a high level of paragliding, and an education system that is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide, and partner Associations and Federations.

APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI system, and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done, unless APPI is recognized by the legal authority managing free flight in that country. Check with the local federation if such an agreement exists.

In some countries, APPI is recognized as the official education system.

Your paragliding activity (solo, tandem, instruction) must comply with the laws of the country in which it is performed.

APPI strongly recommends its members to be insured to paraglide, and in case of an accident, APPI does not accept any liability.

All EU Schools and EU tandem pilots must hold Third Party Liability Insurance.

Change your life! Paragliding with APPI Instructors, Flight Centres and Flight Schools can help you to transform your life learning with education, experience, safety and fun.

  • Education : there’s a multitude of APPI paragliding courses you can choose from. Whether you are completely new to paragliding, wish to improve your skills, or become a paragliding instructor. You can find the right level of study in our APPI Education System.
  • Experience : APPI Paragliding Schools have a high standard selection based on qualifications and years of flight and exploration of paragliding sites. Through your local APPI School you can join adventures, learn more and fly in many exotic destinations to fly, meet many people and make long life friends in the APPI Paragliding World.

  • Safety : Safety is an important aspect of paragliding. The safer you feel, the more happy a pilot! Learn about the highest standards of safety.
  • Fun : APPI supports you flying for the fun, the beauty and as a way of living.

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Note: Thanks to azoom.ch to provide images of paragliding.

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  • Creation of APPI Pedagogical Committee

    The role of this committee is to take decisions about education system, contents of courses, exams, educational manuals, the choice of APPI masters, to black list members, to manage the complaints not resolved by the secretary, and to propose modifications of the internal rules about pedagogic (...)
  • Recall harnesses GIN Gingo Airlite for inspection

    Gin Gliders Inc. recalls the last model Gingo Airlite (released in 2012) to perform a precautionary inspection and check after a few months of use the harness is still consistent with our quality standards. We ask owners of harness Gingo Airlite (Serial No. which the 3rd and 4th digits are "12". Exp xx12-xxxx) to contact their dealer for a (...)
  • Here are the comments about my APPI training

    After following the training course APPI Advanced pilot and Open sky tandem, I would like to thanks the Paragliding school X-ailes and the Instructor Alexis Rodriguez for is patience and professionalism. I’ve been traveling for 15 years and did have the chance to get train into paragliding in different country, but APPI is the most structured (...)
  • General Meeting 2013

    APPI General Assembly 2013 has been held on 25 January 2013. New statutes were adopted.
  • APPI solo pilot Logbook for download

    APPI Solo pilot Logbook version 2013 is available online. Go to: Instructors ⇒ Download documents.