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  • Safety information

    During routine final checks of our harnesses, we discovered Finsterwalder PL-Hook Buckles (item no. HSi51, HSi510) with insufficient swaging of the rear release cover plate.

    PDF - 463.9 kb
  • Building a school in Cambodia
    A wonderful, humbling, rewarding experience opening our first primary school in Cambodia in memory of Guy and starting to build the second.
    Cambodia has the least educated population and the highest level of poverty and illiteracy in the region and good schools are desperately needed.
    The generosity of our supporters has allowed us to build and equip these new school.

  • Window closing soon for photographers to enter the world’s greatest action and adventure sports photography contest
    The contest consists of 11 categories: Close Up, Energy, Enhance, Lifestyle, Masterpiece by Yodobashi, New Creativity, Playground, Sequence by Sony, Spirit, Wings and the new addition – Mobile. The images are judged by a panel of 50 photo editors from prominent international sports, news, lifestyle and photography publications, who will select the 55 best shots, including the 11 Category Winners and the Overall Winner.

  • Safety information

    Unsheathed upper cascade lines on Ozone Alpina 2
    Lines becoming knotted and tangles in flight whilst the glider was flown in big-ears mode with the speedbar being operated. This incident occured when the lines were dry and in good condition. Pilots are urged to be vigilant about this issue, and visually check their gliders carefully after using big ears or after recovering from a collapse, especially when in accelerated mode with the speedbar. Where possible the use of an alternative method to lose height is recommanded.

  • Due to excessive spam control, many messages sent by yahoo are lost.
    We recommend, if possible, to not use yahoo mail, but instead another mail server like gmail, hotmail or another local mail service.
    For those many who have not received their password, request a new one to the secretariat, which will be communicated to your current instructor.
    Then once you have access to your account, change your email address, and if you wish change your password by clicking on "password forgotten".

  • Safety information

    Rescue handles from Kortel design
    We invite all the pilots to check their rescue handle.
    The harness’s models are Karma II and Krashbox Module Kuik II

    See more infos in English or French.

  • APPI Pro workshop certification

    Participation in the Pro workshop leads to a certification that will be dated, exposed on the profile, and will certify that the tandem pilot or APPI instructor in the latest technical knowledge in the field of equipment and pedagogic for the instructors.
    Many pro APPI workshops will be organized for 2016 in several countries (India, Turkey, Greece, USA, Dominican republic, Russia ...).
    These workshops are intended for tandem pilots and instructors who are already working as professionals and not to those who want to become.
    There are also for advanced pilots who wish to improve their skills.

  • Evolution of APPI Education system and rules

    The validation rules for Pro levels within APPI Paragliding are changing : validations of tandem pilots and instructors will be under the control of a pedagogical committee master.
    The APPI instructors and master instructors will be invited to participate in a pro-workshops as soon as they’re organized nearby.
    This will allow upgrading of knowledge and provide a common foundation for all APPI instructors.
    This change became effective on December 1st, 2014.
    Please see the new rules in the table of registration rules.

  • Creation of APPI PG Pedagogical Committee

    The role of this committee is to take decisions about education system, contents of courses, exams, educational manuals, the choice of APPI masters, to black list members, to manage the complaints not resolved by the secretary, and to propose amendments to the internal rules about the pedagogical choices for Paragliding activity.

    Use this forum to discuss with the committee members on education topics.

Everyday, more and more paragliders are joining APPI !

There are now APPI members in 104 different countries !!!

Important for instructors:
Following the meeting of the pedagogical committee, changes of APPI education system were adopted. See the new APPI Education system diagram. The set of qualifications affected by this change are detailed in the latest newsletter or see the page "Registration rules".

Join APPI Become an APPI member for free, you can become a member without being certified, but only an APPI instructor can certify your level for paraglider pilots, or an APPI Pedagogical committee master for instructors (usually during an APPI workshop).

APPI provides a paragliding license based on a high level of paragliding, and an education system that is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide, and partner Associations and Federations.

APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI system, and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done, unless APPI is recognized by the legal authority managing free flight in that country. Check with the local federation if such an agreement exists.

In some countries, APPI is recognized as the official education system.

Your paragliding activity (solo, tandem, instruction) must comply with the laws of the country in which it is performed.

APPI strongly recommends its members to be insured to paraglide, and in case of an accident, APPI does not accept any liability.

All EU Schools and EU tandem pilots must hold Third Party Liability Insurance.
Mainly for EC residents and some other countries, you will find an insurance covering paragliding on this page.

Change your life! Paragliding with APPI Instructors, Flight Centres and Flight Schools can help you to transform your life learning with education, experience, safety and fun.

  • Education : there’s a multitude of APPI paragliding courses you can choose from. Whether you are completely new to paragliding, wish to improve your skills, or become a paragliding instructor. You can find the right level of study in our APPI Education System.
  • Experience : APPI Paragliding Schools have a high standard selection based on qualifications and years of flight and exploration of paragliding sites. Through your local APPI School you can join adventures, learn more and fly in many exotic destinations to fly, meet many people and make long life friends in the APPI Paragliding World.

  • Safety : Safety is an important aspect of paragliding. The safer you feel, the more happy a pilot! Learn about the highest standards of safety.
  • Fun : APPI supports you flying for the fun, the beauty and as a way of living.

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Learn which professional courses you can take from different levels of APPI Paragliding Fly Centers and Fly Schools around the world.

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Learn how to continue your professional level paragliding education.

- APPI Pro Paragliding Unit
Learn about APPI Professional career opportunities and how you can join APPI with your school.
Please Contact us for equivalence, courses or for more information.

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Note: Thanks to azoom.ch to provide images of paragliding.

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  • General Meeting 2015/2016

    The General Assembly of APPI be held Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 10 am. For logistical reasons, please inform the secretariat to participate.
  • Pay for member by school

    Now the manager of an APPI school can pay the bill of any APPI member. Just click on the button: "Pay for member". Payment is permitted only if the school has sufficient credit or if an authorization has been given explicitly to the school. If necessary, the manager can buy a credit of 200 euros (or more if the operation is (...)
  • Avoid Yahoo mail

    Due to excessive spam control, many messages sent by yahoo are lost. We recommend, if possible, to not use yahoo mail, but instead another mail server.
  • Do not use APPI in school name

    To APPI school managers: all schools registered on the website by APPI instructors are all APPI schools. Using the term "APPI school" when recording the name of the school, can lead to confusion about the role of the school in the APPI system. Under these conditions, it was decided by the APPI board to ban the use of the term "APPI school (...)
  • Here are the comments about my APPI training

    After following the training course APPI Advanced pilot and Open sky tandem, I would like to thanks the Paragliding school X-ailes and the Instructor Alexis Rodriguez for is patience and professionalism. I’ve been traveling for 15 years and did have the chance to get train into paragliding in different country, but APPI is the most structured (...)