What is APPI?

APPI is a pioneering International Paragliding organization. APPI brings an evolutionary system of the highest quality to Paragliding Education.

APPI provides a paragliding license based on a high level of paragliding, and an education system that is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide, and partner Associations and Federations.

Until now, the paragliding community, never had a standard to validate not only pilots, but professional pilots, in accordance with the *FAI rules and regulation. APPI cards include IPPI standards, but offers further standards for professional levels.

APPI is the ONLY International standard for professional pilots, tandem pilots and instructors. Which means your APPI card is an International card, which guarantees the best professional qualification and formation courses.

Check what APPI does and what FAI does.

APPI started in Switzerland and is rapidly growing in many countries around the world.
Paragliding never had the opportunity to grow and develop with so much safety and become united, free from borders, as now with an APPI license. APPI also intends to obtain an international paragliding insurance, available worldwide for all APPI members (with some restrictions). Actually, this insurance is only available to European citizens, as well as some other countries.

If you are a professional pilot or a recreational pilot, you can get your APPI license by equivalence. Applications can be done online. Or, to affiliate your school, contact APPI for further procedures.

APPI unites paragliding schools around the world, with a large range of courses & programmes, we affiliate the best schools.

APPI is an evolutionary system, a modern, practical way of learning and teaching. An intelligent way of living in the paragliding world.

Professional International Standard, best education system, safety, online insurance and online training resources. Our aim is to help you to fly happily and above all safely!
This is our priority and this is the reason APPI exists.

APPI is a Swiss non-profit independent organization that receives no financial support from governments or companies.

APPI makes you HAPPY!

APPI International : Crutzweg 1, 3707 Darligen SWITZERLAND