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Open Sky Tandem Pilot

The APPI Open Sky Tandem Pilot rating is the first step to become an APPI Professional member. During their training, candidates review APPI Standards, procedures and general related issues. As well, candidates review their practical flying ability, general procedures and paragliding knowledge.

APPI Tandem Pilot

The APPI Tandem Pilot Course is the final step becoming a professional Tandem Pilot.
During the exams, candidates review APPI standards, procedures, philosophies and methods. After successfully completing an APPI Tandem Pilot Examination (both theoretical and practical), tandem pilots can carry any passenger of any age without aeronautical knowledge, and make commercial paragliding flights. They also have responsibility of introducing people to paragliding through Discover Paragliding and other various APPI programs. APPI Tandem Pilots can apply for further Pro specialties, such as: Advanced Tandem Pilot, Rescue Packing and group leader.

Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor rating is the first step to become an APPI Professional Instructor. Assistant Instructors provide student pilots with quality knowledge and skill development through APPI programs and courses, under the supervision of a Certified APPI Instructor / Master.

APPI Instructor

APPI Instructor has a professional level of skills and knowledge of paragliding theory, management and supervision abilities, competence as a certified instructor and equivalence in skills.
They are able to conduct APPI courses and programs.

Master Instructor

APPI Master Instructors are experienced pilot educators who have achieved the highest APPI Instructor ratings. Master Instructors have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the APPI System of Paragliding Education and have experience conducting the large range of programs and courses. Master Instructors are members which influence changes to our programs and standards. APPI Master Instructor are APPI Masters who follow the APPI Education System as a first standard in their school.

APPI presentation video
  • Escape XC Paragliding Adventures and Tution
    Escape XC Paragliding Adventures and Tution
    United Kingdom
  • Iran Paramotor School
    Iran Paramotor School
  • Iran Paragliding School
    Iran Paragliding School
  • Voar Paramotor
    Voar Paramotor
  • Sepehr Ashian Club
    Sepehr Ashian Club
  • Parapente Tropical Flight Centre
    Parapente Tropical Flight Centre
  • The Hump Paragliding 駝峰航線飛行學校
    The Hump Paragliding 駝峰航線飛行學校
  • Paraviation Flight School
    Paraviation Flight School
    United Kingdom
  • SIV Air Turquoise
    SIV Air Turquoise
  • Extreme Air Queenstown Paragliding School
    Extreme Air Queenstown Paragliding School
    New Zealand
  • Evolution Mind Body Flight
    Evolution Mind Body Flight
    United States
  • Cirus
  • fly for ever
    fly for ever
  • Cyprus Paramotor School
    Cyprus Paramotor School
  • Just Acro
    Just Acro
  • Space Apple
    Space Apple
  • Qatar flying school
    Qatar flying school
  • Acro Macedonia
    Acro Macedonia
  • xTc Paragliding
    xTc Paragliding
    United Kingdom
  • Twist'air Sàrl
    Twist'air Sàrl