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Discover our world, fly over the sea, the desert, the mountains.
Find any APPI school and flight site over the planet.

Equipment & Security

APPI recommend to use certified glider with regular control
CEN A, B, C .or DHV1, DHV1-2, DHV2
Be aware this classification does not mean performance, is about security and we can have a DHV1 or Class A paraglider with better performance then a DHV2 or class 2 paraglider.
If we can have (...)

Faces of APPI

Select a country and see the instructors, assistants and tandem pilot faces for this country.

Worldwide insurance

Insurance Agency for Aviation
Pay attention to restrictions according to your country of residence.
APPI is pleased to announce that it is now possible for EU and Swiss domiciled members to attain Annual 3rd Party and Accident Insurance with AXA Versicherungs AG. AXA insurance Agency for Air (...)

Flight sites

Find here the description of paragliding and paramotor flight sites over the world.

Best photos of the month


Bidding for designer

Waiting for proposals!
We look for a designer to improve the design of our next APPI logbook for solo pilot. The content is already defined, it remains only to improve the design to make it more attractive and readable. If you are interested, please send to the secretariat one or two pages of (...)

Atlas zones

Discover Flying zones by pictures.
Nendaz, Switzerland, registered by David Arrufat
Bandipur, Nepal, registered by David Arrufat
Sirkot, Nepal, registered by David Arrufat

Word Translations

G : General
M : Meteorology
A : Piloting and flying actions (global, fuzzy and intuitive)
T : Aerodynamics and flight mechanics (local, precise and scientific)
E : Environment
C : Competition
P : Paraglider
H : Hang glider
V : Various flying stuff, equipment
W : Wing, seat and parts (...)

APPI presentation video
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    Paragliding Club of Tekirdağ
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    Manchester Paragiders
    United Kingdom
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  • My Fake Wind School
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  • Para Fly (Paragliding School and Tandem Flights)
    Para Fly (Paragliding School and Tandem Flights)
  • Volando en Parapente
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  • Boa Aventura Escola de Voo
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  • Olympic Wings
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    Paramania Paragliding Center
  • Flylibell Scuola di parapendio
    Flylibell Scuola di parapendio
  • Reaction Paragliding
    Reaction Paragliding
  • High Adventure Paragliding
    High Adventure Paragliding
  • Escape XC Paragliding Adventures and Tution
    Escape XC Paragliding Adventures and Tution
    United Kingdom