APPI Pilot

APPI Solo Pilot is a student who has achieved the level of Independent Pilot.
They are able to:
- fly without supervision,
- analyze different weather conditions,
- have necessarily a specialty in alpine, soaring and/or winch (flat land).
Before flying at different sites, APPI Solo Pilots are recommended to choose places where they can receive the assistance of an APPI School. Here, they receive important information, support and more security. As a benefit of being an APPI member, any APPI Solo Pilot can get one day FREE Assistance in any APPI School around the world.

Prerequisites/ Course Contents/ Obligation

To enroll in an APPI Solo Pilot course, an individual must:

  1. Be certified as an APPI Adventure pilot or have a qualifying certification from another training organization.
  2. Be a minimum age of 16 years old (with authorization of legal representative), and in accordance with local rules (Federation/ Civil Aviation/ Army, etc).
  3. Complete a 15 days course (including APPI Open Sky and Adventure Course) with registered instructor (logbook), including 25 flights logged
  4. Complete the theoretical course, practical, analyze, technique and mental preparation stage 3, including knowledge Development II (5 chapters).
  5. Be approved on practical and theoretical Exams, oral and writing.
  6. Respect APPI Safety Rules and Quality Standards.
  7. When flying in a new site (and where APPI Schools are available), contact the local APPI School to participate in a free welcome day and receive assistance with local information.

*Note: The local instructor can decide if the pilot is permitted to fly on his own, following the APPI System of Education and safety.

*If the pilot is certified only Soaring, Flat land or Alpine, one day course is mandatory to get authorization to fly on the site with different skill. The course must be validated online.

*All documents and progressions forms are available to download on the APPI website. The Instructor has access and can download all files, using his personal Login.


- The pilot is able to fly in the learning place, with minimum supervision,
- or independently in a quiet condition.
- The pilot knows their obligations and rights.
- The pilot is obliged to see the local APPI flying school when flying in new places.
- One day free supervision in any APPI school.

Training Update

APPI Solo Pilot with ALPINE validation means the pilot has completed his formation course in one area of mountain valley wind and thermals, and have skills PTU landing (aviation standard). Validation: minimum one day under instructor supervision on fly, analyze condition, landscape, etc.

APPI Solo Pilot with SOARING validation means the pilot has completed his formation course in one area of meteo wind, venture, top landing, etc. Validation: minimum one day under instructor supervision, fly with meteo wind and top landing.

APPI Solo Pilot with Winch specilaty means the pilot has completed his formation course using winch system for take off. Validation: minimum one day under instructor supervision, fly and safety winch take off.


APPI Solo Pilots candidates must satisfactorily complete all course performance requirements. To apply for certification, the certifying APPI Instructor submit online a completed, validated APPI Solo Pilot Application to APPI website, along with the required photo, application fee and other qualifying certification documentation (if applicable).
Upon approval of the application and validation, APPI will issue an APPI Solo Pilot Certification Card.

Note: Flying skills/ qualification and/or update must be validated online (alpine, soaring and flat land)


To renew annually, the APPI Solo Pilot submits online a payment of membership dues. Automatically APPI’s Certification Card starts validation and membership is activated.

Download documents:

  1. APPI Contact Evaluation Form
  2. APPI Pilot certification requirements
  3. APPI Flight Logbook for Solo Pilot
  4. APPI Piloting Progression

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