APPI Certification Cards

APPI CardYour APPI Paragliding Certification Card is proof that you’ve successfully completed your APPI training.

- Your APPI Certification Card has a permanent validity, as well you need to order a new card only if you have acquired a new certification or specialty.
- The APPI card requires a clear head and shoulders photo (no hat, helmet or sunglasses), the card will not be sent without clear Identification ID, you can upload a new picture from your online account.
- During the first payment of your membership, ordering and payment of a card is also available.
- To receive a new card, you need to click on Buy a new certification card, and pay for.
Please, check and if needed correct your postal address including city, postal code and country from your APPI account.
- After payment, verify that the new card is shown ’in progress’, otherwise to receive it you need to click on Send a free new certification card now.
- Your new card will be sent to the address listed on your APPI account within 45 days.
- In case one of your qualification is ’in progress’, we recommend that you wait until your instructor validates your new qualification before ordering your new card.
- To order a card for paragliding go to, and to order a card for paramotor go to
- For any questions about your APPI membership card, please contact APPI customer service.

FAI Equivalence :

- Open sky pilot ⇒ Parapro-1
- Adventure pilot ⇒ Parapro-2
- APPI pilot ⇒ Parapro-3
- Advanced pilot ⇒ Parapro-4
- Advanced pilot and Acro. Pilot or Perfo. Pilot ⇒ Parapro-5