Acro & D-bag Trainer

APPI Acro & D-bag Trainer Specialists are SIV Specialist Instructors with increasing techniques in acrobatic flights.
The teaching status SIV Specialist Instructor is able to give SIV courses through acrobatic training courses, to all level of pilots and higher rating Instructors.

Prerequisites/ Course Contents/ Obligation

To enroll in an Acro. & D-bag Trainer course an individual must:

  1. Be certified as an APPI SIV Instructor. And register at least 20-30 SIV certifications,
  2. Submit proof and result of participation in Acrobatic Competition,
  3. Have completed 2 APPI Acro. Course Assistance, with supervision of an APPI Acrobatic Master,
  4. Be approved on Practical and Audition Exams, which means to give one full Acro. course to real students, under one Acro. Master Instructor supervision,
  5. If not an APPI SIV Instructor, successfully complete the APPI SIV Instructor course equivalence.

Training and Certification

APPI Acro. Specialist Instructor has two phases – a training phase and an evaluation phase. Instructor candidates who have successfully completed the training Program ONLY may enrol in the exams. The exams must have one certified SIV & Acro master instructor to validate the specialty. Instructor candidates must satisfactorily complete all course performance requirements to be certified as APPI SIV Specialist Instructors.

To apply for certification, the certifying Acro. Master Instructor submits on-line a completed, signed Instructor Application to APPI website along with the required photo, application fee, and other qualifying certification documentation (if applicable). Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI Acro. & D-bag Trainer Instructor card.


Specialty Instructor ratings do not require separate renewal – they are renewed when APPI Instructors renew their membership annually.

Download Documents:

  1. APPI Contact Evaluation Form
  2. SIV and Acro. Instructor specialty requirements

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the specialty Accro & D-bag trainer
Firstname Lastname Country Certification Website School
10170 Pablo Lopez AR-Argentina PG Master Instructor 2015 Safety Acro Team (17)
10128 Herve Cerutti CH-Switzerland Element Air (5)
10174 APPI Equivalence CH-Switzerland PG Master Instructor 2015 APPI International (1)
10668 Santiago Duque EC-Ecuador PG Instructor 2013 Quito Paragliding (34)
10675 Jorge A. Duque C. EC-Ecuador PG Master Instructor 2013 Flyecuador (33)
11093 Raul Rodriguez ES-Spain Parapente Tropical Flight Centre (131)
11094 Felix Rodriguez ES-Spain
11469 Jordi Marquillas ES-Spain PG Master Instructor 2013 Entrenúvols (100)
10005 Mathieu Abrard FR-France PG Master Instructor 2014 misty fly (40)
10171 David Eyraud FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Paragliding School of Passagers du Vent (18)
11476 Fabien Blanco FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Flyeo (141)
14659 Francois Ragolski FR-France PG Instructor 2015
11068 Vahid Nazari Nasab IR-Iran PG Pro Tandem Pilot 2016 Cirrusfly (87)
10004 Mendo Veljanovski MK-Macedonia PG Master Instructor 2014 Acro Macedonia (3)
10002 David Arrufat NP-Nepal PG Master Instructor 2014 Blue Sky Paragliding (21)
10244 Dilan Benedetti NP-Nepal
10134 Lisa Bradley NZ-New Zealand Extreme Air Queenstown School (8)