Advanced Tandem Pilot

APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot is a Tandem Pilot who has special skills in Tandem SIV. Advanced Tandem Pilots are Non-commercial Tandem Pilots with the best qualifications who are on their way to become APPI Instructors and Tandem Pilot Instructors.

Prerequisites/ Course contents/ Obligation

To enroll in an APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot an individual must :

  1. Be certified as an Non-commercial Tandem Pilot or hold a certification with another recreational paragliding training organization.
  2. Have completed an APPI SIV Tandem Course within the past six months.
  3. Have completed and logged at least one cross country tandem flight of minimum 35km, having a certified pilot as a passenger.
  4. Submit documentation of any other qualifying certifications.
  5. If not an Non-commercialTandem Pilot, successfully complete the APPI Tandem Pilot equivalence.

Training and Certification

Advanced Tandem Pilots candidates must satisfactorily complete all course performance requirements to be certified as APPI Advanced Tandem Pilots.
To apply for certification, the certified APPI XC Instructor submit online a completed, validated Advanced Tandem Pilot Application to APPI website, along with the required photo, application fee and other qualifying certification documentation (if applicable).
Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot Certification Card.


To renew annually, an APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot submits a Membership Agreement with payment of membership dues. Pilots who have let their memberships lapse will need to fulfill additional requirements designated by the APPI Training and Quality Management Department before regaining on status.

Download documents:

  1. APPI Response Awareness
  2. APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot Progression Form

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the specialty Advanced tandem pilot
Firstname Lastname Country Certification Website School
10170 Pablo Lopez AR-Argentina PG Master Instructor 2015 Safety Acro Team (17)
10761 Ted Jenkins AU-Australia Alpine Paragliding (41)
11082 Daniel Walter Arcidiacono AU-Australia Alpine Paragliding (41)
11097 William Oates AU-Australia
15294 Alexander Makarov AZ-Azerbaijan PG Instructor 2016 CanFly Paragliding (221)
10050 Gergana Georgieva BG-Bulgaria Sky Camp Paragliding School (11)
10137 Emil Kirilov BG-Bulgaria PG Master Instructor 2015 Sky Camp Paragliding School (11)
10725 Orlin Dimov BG-Bulgaria Skynomad (43)
11113 Mauricio Braga BR-Brazil Aprenda voar (243)
10128 Herve Cerutti CH-Switzerland Element Air (5)
10130 Marc Pugin CH-Switzerland Gruyere Parapente (110)
10131 Amandine Pugin CH-Switzerland Gruyere Parapente (110)
10174 APPI Equivalence CH-Switzerland PG Master Instructor 2015 APPI International (1)
11079 Alain Zoller CH-Switzerland SIV Air Turquoise (204)
11485 Laurent Borella CH-Switzerland
11821 Linchao Yuan CN-China Lin Zhou Paragliding Club (117)
11336 Ruben Dario Montoya Vargas CO-Colombia PG Instructor 2017 Pajaros150 (150)
10668 Santiago Duque EC-Ecuador PG Instructor 2013 Quito Paragliding (34)
10675 Jorge A. Duque C. EC-Ecuador PG Master Instructor 2013 Flyecuador (33)
12784 Jorge Mora Arana EC-Ecuador PG Instructor 2013 Opeturmo S.A. (Parapente Montañita) (159)
10364 Carlos Gonzalez ES-Spain Horizonte Vertical (28)
11093 Raul Rodriguez ES-Spain Parapente Tropical Flight Centre (131)
11094 Felix Rodriguez ES-Spain
11469 Jordi Marquillas ES-Spain PG Master Instructor 2013 Entrenúvols (100)
10005 Mathieu Abrard FR-France PG Master Instructor 2014 misty fly (40)
10064 Sabrina Thielen FR-France PG Master Instructor 2014 misty fly (40)
10171 David Eyraud FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Paragliding School of Passagers du Vent (18)
10173 Stephane Henry FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Ecole Haut Les Mains (19)
10209 Pascal Dumesnil FR-France
10591 Stephane Leclezio FR-France Air aventure Pyrenees (61)
10798 Armand Dard FR-France Cordill'air (69)
10859 Fabien Cuervo FR-France
10914 Manu Bonte FR-France PG Master Instructor 2013 Flyinfrog (50)
11114 Francois xavier Lauri FR-France Bourbon Parapente (52)
11147 HéloÎs Briand FR-France
11218 Eric Argant FR-France Argant'Air (65)
11476 Fabien Blanco FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Flyeo (141)
11547 Serge BONIN FR-France
13011 Bruce Goldsmith FR-France PG Master Instructor 2015 Bruce Goldsmith Instruction (156)
14659 Francois Ragolski FR-France PG Instructor 2015
10003 Zabdi Keen GB-United Kingdom PG Master Instructor 2015 Flying Fever Paragliding School (2)
10127 Maurice Geraghty GB-United Kingdom Flying Fever Paragliding School (2)
10133 Alex Ledger GB-United Kingdom SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
10724 Asterios Makrovasilis GR-Greece PG Master Instructor 2015 Olympic Wings (36)
12046 Johannes Stefanidis GR-Greece Paragliding Greece/Lefkada (161)
15221 Georgios Rigas GR-Greece PG non-commercial Tandem Pilot 2016
10006 Patrick TROUBET-LACOSTE HK-Hongkong PG Master Instructor 2016 Latroube Adventures (20)
10135 Avi Malik IN-India PG Master Instructor 2015 Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
10184 Ajay Kumar Sharma IN-India Fly Nirvana Paragliding School (48)
10478 Debu Choudhury IN-India Hi Fly (32)
10492 Tanaji Takve IN-India Paragliding Mantra (42)
10607 Mohammad Razeghi IR-Iran ParsSky (31)
11333 Shahin Fallah IR-Iran Iran Paragliding School (84)
11174 Enrico Patuzzi IT-Italy Fly Nirvana Paragliding School (48)
11189 Dusan Simovic ME-Montenegro
10004 Mendo Veljanovski MK-Macedonia PG Master Instructor 2014 Acro Macedonia (3)
14372 Marko Hrgetic MX-Mexico PG Master Instructor 2015 Paragliding school Flumen (Escuela de Vuelo) (209)
14831 Pablo Robles Gil MX-Mexico Paragliding school Flumen (Escuela de Vuelo) (209)
10474 Richard Tan yun fee MY-Malaysia PG Assistant Instructor 2015 Oriental Paragliding 南洋飞行伞 (38)
10002 David Arrufat NP-Nepal PG Master Instructor 2014 Blue Sky Paragliding (21)
10062 Sano Babu Sunuwar NP-Nepal Babu Adventures Paragliding School NEP (123)
10065 Damodar Parajuli NP-Nepal PG Instructor 2016 Blue Sky Paragliding (21)
10538 Adam Hill NP-Nepal Frontiers Paragliding (44)
10134 Lisa Bradley NZ-New Zealand Extreme Air Queenstown School (8)
10195 Maurice Mathey PE-Peru Fly with me Peru (24)
12022 Leonardo Jesus PT-Portugal
12239 Loqman Almutawa QA-Qatar Qatar flying school (151)
12720 Ali Al saadi Alyafei QA-Qatar Qatar flying school (151)
15293 Vladimir KHASKELEVICH RU-Russia PG Instructor 2016 Extreme Style (219)
15295 Andrey Saprunov RU-Russia PG Instructor 2016 Paradrom "Chegem" (239)
15296 Denis Silaev RU-Russia PG Instructor 2016 Paradrom "Chegem" (239)
10756 Erdogan SANSLI TR-Turkey PG Assistant Instructor 2015 Istanbul Paramotor & Paragliding (39)
10843 Muzaffer Can ERGIN TR-Turkey skysports paragliding (94)
11395 Murat Tuzer TR-Turkey PG Master Instructor 2015 skysport-ıq (144)
11402 A. Onur ERTAS TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 skysport-ıq (144)
11412 HASAN CANSIZ TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 skysport-ıq (144)
12216 Arda Ipek TR-Turkey
13921 Huseyin Burak Tuzer TR-Turkey
13932 ziya hacıalioglu TR-Turkey
16616 Akif Emre GÜRER TR-Turkey
10138 Dale Covington US-United States PG Master Instructor 2016 Big Sky Paragliding School (12)
10926 Robert Sporrer US-United States Eagle Paragliding (53)

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