Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor rating is the first qualification in APPI for those who are eager to teach paragliding. Assistant Instructors provide student pilots with quality knowledge and skill development through APPI programs and courses. They operate under the supervision and responsibility of an APPI Instructor or Master.

A - Prerequisites

To enroll in an APPI Assistant Instructor course, an individual must:

Be a “non-commercial tandem pilot" qualified for at least one year.

B - Training

The instructor course is given by an APPI master or by an APPI instructor authorized by a master who will be referent for this training.
Course is a minimum of 20 days.

The course goes deep in to gear ageing inspection, refreshes advanced knowledge about flight mechanics and piloting, advanced tools for weather forecasting.
Special emphasis is given on safety issues, mental state awareness and control and the good attitude a student should acquire.

The pedagogy is the main part of the course. Assistants learn how to use APPI pedagogic tools to prepare and organise courses with the best progression possible for the student and a high level of safety. The APPI educational system is studied in detail in order to acquire a clear view of a student’s progression. Practical exercises with APPI masters allow accurate assessment of field performance. Safety procedure when guiding a student’s flight and guiding techniques are widely studied and practiced.

C - Qualifications and prerogatives

At the end of the course, an exam is given by a master. It has a theoretical and a practical part.
Practical part is focused on student guiding. A tandem flight check may be performed

* If the examination is not satisfactory the Assistant instructor status is canceled, and the master will give a clear roadmap of what to improve.
* If the examination is OK, status is left "in progress", the student is then « trainee assistant»
The trainee assistant should contract their own professional liability insurance if available (provided by our insurance if eligible).
They should find APPI schools that are willing to accept him as a « trainee assistant». They will perform a minimum of two sessions in 2 different schools under the responsibility of a minimum of two different instructors for a total of minimum 160 hours (minimum 30 days).
This training is done under supervision of the master instructor in charge of the training who keeps in contact with the school’s instructors.

Contents of tasks to complete are described in the instructor logbook, each task will be validated by the school instructor, a minimum of 130 hours actual field action must be completed, a maximum of 30 hours can be logged as observation of instructor operating.

When trainee instructor is ready, he may take a field exam given by a master instructor.
* If the field exam is not satisfactory the master determines the actions to take (additional trainee assistant time with specific objectives).
* If the field exam is satisfactory the master validates the assistant instructor (status validated).

D - Prerogatives

Assistant instructor validated is a professional qualification, they will work under the instructor’s responsibility.
They teach students according to the APPI system for solo activity
In case the instructor decides under his responsibility to let the assistant be alone on the field (ground handling), or accompanied by another assistant instructor (flight), the Instructor should be able to reach the practice area in less than 2 hours.

- Contract a third party liability pro insurance if available.
- Report accident in APPI system when involved or student involved.
- Gliders and gear used for school should be in good state and adapted to student’s morphology and skills.
- Respect rules and regulations of the countries in which they are flying and teaching (working laws).
- Act in an exemplary manner (value of example).
- Freely welcome visiting APPI pilot.

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When validating an APPI level, the APPI instructor is responsible to ensure that the student can perform all the required tasks for the APPI level certification. The instructors decisions are final with no right of appeal..
APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI organization and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done unless APPI certification is recognized by local authorities. check with them if such an agreement exists.

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