Control & Maintenance Expert

Control and maintenance expert master a wide range of techniques to inspect glider, harness, reserve and other accessories. He is able to decide their airworthiness.

Lines: He is able to produce lines using splicing and sawing technique, change lines, rig a wing, check and adjust the trim of a glider.
Measure the breaking strength of the lines, and able to evaluate the airworthiness of the glider regarding this criteria.

Glider: able to evaluate the aging of the cloth, make minor repairs.

Harness: able to check harness aging.

Rescue: able to inspect, pack and install different models of rescue and in various kinds of paragliding harness.

Tools: he knows how to use various high tech tools: Vorner, laser, Betsometer, Porosimeter, Breaking Strength Controller. Also he masters low-tech methods that allow him to achieve a proper evaluation of the airworthiness of paragliding gear in remote unequipped areas.

Pro rescue packers may inspect and repack reserves professionally.

Certification issued by an APPI Control & maintenance instructor.

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the certification Control & maintenance expert
Name Country Label Certification Website School
10914 Manu Bonte FR-France Validated PG Pro Tandem 2011, PG Master Instructor 2012 Flyinfrog (50)
17500 Michael Nesler IT-Italy In progress