D-bag Pilot

APPI D-BAG Pilots are Advanced Pilots with Acro certification who intend to learn and practice deployment techniques with secure processes. The pilot learns the deployment over the water, during a tandem flight, and how to open his glider in the air. The objective of this course is to learn how to have a secure deployment process in safety conditions.

Prerequisites/ Course Contents/ Obligation

To enroll in an APPI D-BAG Pilot course, an individual must:

  1. Be a certified APPI Advanced SIV Pilot.
  2. Have completed a 3 day APPI D-BAG Course, within maximum 6 months.
  3. Have completed a 2 day course on practical, preparation, technical and safety, under supervision of an APPI D-BAG Instructor.
  4. Have completed a minimum of 4 deployments, under supervision.
  5. Respect APPI Safety Rules and Quality Standards to follow the instructions.

Training and Certification

APPI D-Bag Pilots Certification, must be validated by an APPI Accro & D-bag trainer. APPI Advanced SIV Pilots candidates must satisfactorily complete all course performance requirements. To apply for certification, the certifying APPI Instructor submits online a completed, signed Pilot Application to APPI website, along with the required photo, application fee and other qualifying certification documentation (if applicable). Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI D-BAG Pilot Certification Card.


D-BAG Pilots do not require separate renewal – they are renewed when APPI Pilots renew their membership annually.

Download documents:

  1. APPI Contact Evaluation Form
  2. APPI D-BAG pilot specialty requirements
  3. APPI Piloting Progression
  4. APPI Flight Logbook for Solo Pilot

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