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n°   Name City Country Activity   Description
111 ALGODONALES Algodonales Spain G The mountain is called Sierra de Líjar, it is 980 m MSL high. Almost all wind directions available in four different take-offs, all of them connected by a road on the top. Easy cross-country flights. Any level of experience. Good thermals. Flyable all the year (...)
109 NUCATILI Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas Mexico G El despegue tiene 3 años de estarse utilizando y esta enfrentado al valle de Chiapa de corzo en Chiapas, el aterrizaje es un terreno de una hectárea esta equipado con cono de viento para referencia, avisar antes al propietario para poder firmar la carta responsiva y obtener el permiso para (...)
107 AirChris Corfu Greece G Kontos Gialos
108 AirChristos Corfu Greece G Close to sea
106 Saint Hilaire Saint Hilaire France G Come and fly on the iconic flying site of the legendary "coupe icare". East-facing site : Ideal for XC.
105 Gamusino Lijiang China G Nice artificial grass takeoff facing East. Grate XC flights possible to climb up to 6000m, Beautiful lakes and snow mountains around.
102 manger and instructor Amedi-Dohuk international school Amedi Iraq G i will start with my flight and take-off on Matina mountian and land in Meribca.
100 Sidi Rahal plage Sidi Rahal Morocco G Site bord de mer géré par "Club Royal de Paramoteur CRP) Président du CRP : Fouad Ittobane, téléphone : +212665178152
98 GoFly Costa Rica Cartago Costa Rica G La Pastora de Santa Cruz de Turrialba. sitio termo-dinámico con nivel intermedio,
95 John Crow Hill Malvern, St Elizabeth Jamaica G Hill site near the Jamaican south coast stretching from NW to SE. It is located 15km N of Treasure Beach. Drive up from LZ to launch takes approx. 40min on narrow asphalt road. We put down some old carpets at the launch pad to make launching easier for beginners. Top landing is possible, but (...)
96 Skyline Kingston/St. Andrew Jamaica G Site on the outskirts of Kingston at 450m asl overlooking the city. Asphalt road to launch which is next to a viewpoint with parking lot. The local pilots also installed a solar powered weather station right there. This was the first flying site in Jamaica (2001), but is NOT a beginner's site. (...)
93 Paramotor Pampa São Gabriel - RS Brazil G Escola Allfly paramotor unidade São Gabriel Clube Paramotor Pampa 30°19'37.31"S 54°23'28.60"O
92 El Penon, Valle de Bravo Temascaltepec Mexico G One of the best flying sites in Mexico (and probably in the world). During the months of December to May the conditions allow for flights on the 100's km order, with cloud bases of 4,500 plus meters msl. 330 flyable days from November to June 99% every day (...)
91 Playa Bruja Santa Elena Mangalralto montanita Ecuador G M T Una zona de vuelo para principiante ideal para escuela. El vuelo es dinamico de ladera, viento de mar, muy laminar y constantes. Aterrizaje en la playa o en el despegue. La escuela de parapente Opeturmo S.A. (parapente montanita). brinda los servicios de parapente y sus actividades turísticas: (...)
90 SANTAMERI ACHAIAS SANTAMERI Greece G information on sky.gr.
89 Jarabacoa Jarabacoa Dominican Republic G Great take off for all pilots. Flights are mostly thermal, with north wind. There is clear sight from the take off to the landing which makes is perfect for begginers and assisted pilots. The road to take off is private, contact HawkParagliding school for (...)
88 Boa Aventura Bahia Uruçuca - BA Brazil G Great beach take off for Paramotors to all directions. SE take off for paragliders
87 El Bolson Cerro Piltriquitron El Bolson Argentina G cordillera andina, ladera oeste, despeque a 1200m sobre nivel del mar aterrizaje 200m. sobre nivel del mar vuelos termico---dinamico, posibilidad linda de vuelo cross
86 Couraduque - Val d'Azun Aucun France G Col de Couraduque Takeoff
84 Licanray Licanray Chile G Zona de Vuelo Licanray , cerro Challupen, Licanray , Región de la Araucanía Chile.
83 Morava - Takeoff Korçë Albania G Flying characteristics: non turbulent, but strong thermals in summer. Suitable for Soaring and great for XC. Suitable for beginners and Tandem flying. Best thermal hours: 12h-15h. Flyable wind direction: NNW to SSW. Warning: no particular flying attention. During warm season, the thermic (...)
82 Mersin Gelincik Tepesi Mersin Turkey G Günün hemen hemen her saatinde uçuşa müsade ediyor. Öğleden sonra Batı Rüzgarı ile Yelken yapmak için çok müsait.
80 Han Yuan Paragliding Club Han Yuan China G got a lake under the mountain , can do SIV and ACRO training.
79 Rampa da Igrejinha Boa Esperanca - MG Brazil G Take off near www.solardosanjos.com.
77 Kuala Kubu Bharu Kuala Lumpur Malaysia G Kuala Kubu Bharu site is a hill with elevation of 400m AGL, TO direction is SW and required wind for launching is S, SW and W. Recently discovered and developed, in August 2014 and progressively being refined to meet all safety standards including mapping the thermal activities and areas. The (...)
76 Trebinje Trebinje Bosnia and Herzegovina G M South oriented, grass field slope, 50mx20m, asphalt road. https://www.facebook.com/paragliding.trebinje
75 Bassano - Borso del Grappa Borso del Grappa Italy G Monte Grappa does not need many presentation. It is a site suitable for beginners and professional pilot, to learn, to thermal, to do xc flights. We flight more than 300 days per year. You can not miss this site in your carnet
67 Castejon de Sos Huesca Spain G Very nice landscape and full mountain enviroment!
73 El Grado Huesca Spain G Tozal gordo is a hill located between the villages of El Grado and Secastilla, very near of the Torreciudad´s Santuary
65 Vejer de la Frontera San Fernando Spain G Despegue un poco pequeño pero apto para pilotos intermedios, aparcamiento y dispone de un Bar con terraza,
62 Puli, Hu-Tou shan in Nantou county of Taiwan Puli Taiwan G Friendly site operator, operating tandem flights. Transportation available upon request. easily accessible site, nice view from observatory. Food and beverage available from local vendor.
60 les Carroz d arraches Les Carroz France G Au Sommet des pistes des Carroz d'Arraches, le decollage a 1800m est orienté ouest nord ouest, ideal pour du soaring paisible site peu frequenté, possibilité de monter en telecabine depuis les Carroz d'Arraches( telecabine de la Quedeuse) ou bien demandé a l'école locale parapente (...)
59 Les Carroz d'Arâches ARACHES LA FRASSE France G Good flying site, good soaring possibilities, cross-country flights after 14h from april to september A lot of tandem flights activity in july-august
57 Creasta Cocosului Baia Mare - Maramures Romania G Take-off oriented N, NE, ENE, W. Natural Reservation. Access only by foot. Level difference 200m. Walking approx 45min.
58 Mogosa Baia Mare - Maramures Romania G Best place to fly during winter when huge landing available on the frozen lake. Chair-lift available also.
56 Ignis Baia Mare - Maramures Romania G South oriented flyable ridge. SE, ESE, SW. Take off altitude 1300m. Landing 630m. Good place for thermal flying during spring, summer, autumn.
53 SkySchool UK Wiltshire United Kingdom G M SkySchool UK is where we run our UK beginner Paramotoring and Paragliding courses. We are based on a private farm with big open fields and rolling hills making it the ideal training location. For further information on using this site please visit www.skyschooluk.com or contact (...)
51 Organya Barcelona Spain G Organya is one of the best places for developing one's acro skills. The unique geography means there is constant lift on the 3,500ft mountain. Pilots take off at 750ft above the landing area and climb up 3,000/4,000ft directly above the mountain before heading out into the 'box' to perform (...)
45 Gardane Rokh Isfahan Iran G you can fly from both North and South sides of site. North is usually favorable site in summers and the rest of year South site is suitable for flying. The accessible road for site is asphalt . The height from take off to landing from the north is about 550 m & 600 m The height from take (...)
44 Voladero Las Aguilas Floridablanca Colombia G M A beautiful flysite located on a Mesa. Conditions are consistent and predictable. Best time of year Dec-Feb and Jun-Aug, However, there are only 5-10 days per year that we cannot put a glider in the air. This place is great for students and expert pilots. Landing is 250 Meters vertical, 1,200 (...)
43 Uçmakdere Tekirdağ Turkey G M The flight site is 600 m above sea level. It has a view and flying direction over the Marmara Sea. The take-off site is covered with natural grass and is available for about 40 take-offs at the same time. Landing is being done to the coast of the Marmara Sea which is known as Ayvasil. One of (...)
42 Bjelasnica Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina G Flying site Bjelasnica is located on Mount Bjelasnica, as part of the winter resort Babin Do. There are two main landings and several meadows that can be used as alternate landings: In the north side at Babin Dol, the landing field is next to the Beneton center which is the starting point of (...)
41 Pedra Bela Vista Socorro SP Brazil G Wind N NW W before n oon takeoff is in near zero meteo wind, after noon prevailing winds from N NW rotating to W, sea breeze arrive sometime in the afternoon from SW, creating good convergences. XC to the near city of Braganca 45 km, or FAI triangle, take off distance record 127 km. FAI (...)
39 Roldanillo - Los Tanques Roldanillo Colombia G The launch "Roldanillo - Los Tanques" is internationally recognized as it is the official competition take off of the PWC (Paragliding World Cup). The launch is very popular as it is easy to take off and massive thermals bring you up to the (...)
40 Roldanillo - El Pico Roldanillo Colombia G The launch "Roldanillo - El Pico" is a take off used mainly by local pilots. The launch is close to Roldanillo almost everyday pilots fly from here. You launch directly into the cloudbase.
37 Tak Alti TABRIZ Iran G Tabriz Paragliding Club tabrizparagliding.blogfa.com
38 Azar Shahr TABRIZ Iran G Tabriz Paragliding tabrizparagliding.blogfa.com
36 dajti Tirana Albania G not easy take off, short also. good thermals in summer time. possible to fly in winter time also.
34 shashica vlora Albania G is always good weather, easy for take off. not strong thermals, not strong dynamic, flyable for winter time as well.
35 llogora vlora Albania G take off not easy. landing very good and big. the weather condition are change fast same time. nice view.
32 Dizdarica Herceg-Novi Montenegro G Herceg Novi is located at a strategic and attractive geographic area between the highest mountain of the Dinara massive, Orjen (1,895 m) and the entrance of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska). It represents an administrative, economic and cultural (...)
30 Tarom site #1 ZANJAN Iran G http://www.paraglidingearth.com/pgearth/index.php?site=11006
31 ABB-E-SARD TEHRAN Iran G http://www.paraglidingearth.com/pgearth/index.php?site=52
29 Passy, Plaine- Joux Plaine-Joux France G A very beautiful flying site in face of the mont Blanc, perfect to learn , also nice for cross country, take of at 1300m of high, you can go up by car. Landing pricipal: Chedde. It's flying a lot of time, eaven when there is stong north wind in the valley of the Rhone, Geneva..(because the (...)
28 Sarangani Bay Sarangani Philippines G The take off is located 400 meters above sea level on a nice ridge top, a large open landing site is 300 meters below. Flyable by Est North/Est and South/Est. During afternoon the wind can switch South and increase in strength. Look always at the see. When you can see the first white ways. Stop (...)
27 Gürsu BURSA Turkey G Gürsu is a good site for flying; in autumn; and in spring it is always face the wind; so beginners may do their first altitude flights. And good take off for termalling courses in spring and in summer. Gürsu uçuş için güzel bir bölge; sonbahar ve ilkbaharda; başlangıç öğrencileri ilk irtifa uçuşlarını (...)
26 Alpe Giumello Valsassina taceno Italy G Giumello allows permanent flys with top landing and refreshment in Capanna Vittoria where you can taste tipical food. It is possibile to descend the main ridge or, reaching the other sites, to explore minor valleys. A good view is assured with fantastic landscapes and very good fly conditions. (...)
24 Black Beauty Virar India G Training and ridge soaring hill
23 Colimacon 800 St Leu France G The best site of REUNION ISLAND
21 Shelar Kamshet India G Launch Elevation: 720 mt MSL Winds: W-NW Conditions: Dynamic, Thermic, Thermodynamic Season: February to May
22 Tower Hill Kamshet India G Launch Elevation: 857 MSL Winds: E-SE-NE Conditions: Dynamic, Thermic, Thermodynamic Season: October to February Tower Hill also has a West Takeoff for the above season , as the winds turn west sometimes in the afternoons in the above season , though March onwards the winds get too strong to (...)
20 Devils Dyke Brighton United Kingdom G This site has a half-mile NW ridge, leading westwards to a N facing bowl with a NE spur, followed by a 2 mile N ridge (more a series of bowls) to Truleigh Hill.
19 Mystic Bright Australia G Inland bowl, strong thermals, 500 metres differential
18 Lopotovo flying field Moscow Russia G Tested flying field (flatland) size: 1,3x1,0 km.
17 SIERRA DE GISTREDO Leon Spain G Mountain and flat lands flight. Quite thermic with good xc potencial. Not crowdy. Good track, not necessary 4x4 vehicle
16 Shahran Tehran Iran G Beginner to Expert can fly
15 Aloburo Ibarra Ecuador G Es un despegue muy conocido por su gran virtud de tener un lago a los pies de la montaña, este es el lugar donde se han realizado importantes eventos de nivel internacional como es el ACROLATINO y desde ahy es donde realizamos los cursos (...)
14 Yuracrucito-Ibarra Ibarra Ecuador G High andean mountain with good slope
13 Ager, Spain Àger Spain G One of the best XC Paragliding sites in Europe and an ideal training location for beginner and intermediate Paraglider pilots.
10 Oludeniz Mugla Turkey G Best Of the Paragliding Babadag (Father Mountain) towering above Oludeniz on the Southwest coast of Turkey is a geological marvel that just happens to make for incredible thermals and ideal conditions for paragliding flight. Oludeniz is reputedly the best site in Europe, if not the world, to (...)
11 Odemis ızmır Turkey G Nice height, nice view
5 Galem Baglung Nepal G Facing Nuwakot,an excellent place for big cross country in the direction of Panchasey 2509 m. Starting point for the Kali Gandaki valley, Baglung or Beni or simply to fly back to Pokhara.
6 Tansen Tansen Nepal G 5 day trip in a beautiful old town in the South of Nepal.Tansen is an excellent flying site facing a big plain. Landing place at the main square or down in the plain.Good quality hotels in the main square offer a comfortable stay. Come back to Pokhara by Cross (...)
7 Dhiki Danda Pokhara Nepal G Small soaring site which we prefer to fly by

going over the back of Sarangkot. It is on the route for many cross country flights to the North at the foot of the Annapurna.
8 Korchon Pokhara Nepal G A good walk a high climb to the peak south of Machhapuchre (6993 m) Korchon (3682 m) Just above the clouds we fly in the second inversion with cloud base between 6000 and 8000 m you can try to approach the Annapurna or glide straight to Pokhara. Last flight of 16/12/2003 climbed to 4990 meters (...)
3 Bandipur Pokhara Nepal G Expedition in nice Newar Village. Nice and typical Hotel. One of the best quiet flying site in Nepal.For all level Pilot. A newly discovered beautiful site facing the Marshyandi valley.Thermic and ridge soaring.
4 Sirkot Pokhara Nepal G To the South of Pokhara 2 hours moain road and 1hour of dirt road takes you to a great starting place for a big cross country flight. 1st day. Depart early in the morning to arrive in time for an aclimitisation flight in the afternoon. You can top land or return by jeep to the summit where we (...)
2 Barèges Bareges France G Fly in one of the most beautiful valley in Pyrénées, take off from Tourmalet pass and Pic du midi de Bigore. Enjoy your trip in the highest mountains of Pyrénées !!!
1 Sarangkot Pokhara Nepal G The main flying site in Nepal. A 20 minute ride from Pokhara. A prepared takeoff allows pilots to fly directly in front of the Annapurnas. It is the departure point of many cross country flights. West - Along the lake valley. North - To the first foothills of the Annapurnas and Machapuchare. (...)
Total of 80 Flightsites