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How can an Association, Federation or Club join APPI?

The best way to introduce APPI into an Association or Club is to hold an APPI workshop and to be validated as instructor.
An APPI Pedagogical Committee Master or Representative give a 3-5 day APPI workshop. The contents are: Operational and APPI System in practice, teaching methods, safety, general procedures, etc.
As it is necessary to have First Aid Certification, for advanced and professional equivalence in APPI, it is recommended that the same week, or close to the workshop, one First Aid course is held. APPI workshop equivalence can be requested directly to APPI Secretary.

What is the relation APPI creates with Federations, Associations or Clubs?

For APPI, the local Association, Federation, and Club are very important as they are dealing with local rules and regulations. They can use APPI as a support and pressure to promote and develop local Air Sports and offer a high quality Education System, including future insurance benefits for all members.
APPI works directly with schools and instructors, taking in charge the Instructor and Master instructors responsibilities on validation. It involves no politics, and aims to support and promote paragliding in every country.

To join APPI as a Federation, Association or Club is an easy process to follow:

Step 1) Have APPI Equivalence for minimum one or two Instructors (or one Master Instructor or Pedagogical Committee Master) from the Association/ Federation/ Club, see Registration Rules.

*Instructor or Master Instructors must send to APPI one copy of their Local Certification, plus First Aid Certification (recognized by Red Cross or equivalent), a short resume of their log book and experience, and must be validated by an APPI Master Instructor (or APPI secretary).

Step 2)
Once the Association/ Federation/ Club has one Pedagogical Committee Master Instructor + APPI Master Instructor certified by APPI, they can operate progressive changes in the entire Association, recognizing and validating other instructors, recreational and professional pilots.

*APPI Instructors validate other recreational pilots. APPI Pedagogical Committee Master Instructor + Instructor or Master together validate professional pilots (if second instructor not available, by APPI Secretary).

*Registration and validation is an easy process to be done online.

Step 3) After completing step 1 and 2, the Association/ Federation/ Club must be authorized by the APPI Committee (ask to the secretary), then will be able to start to upgrade past members, and easily validate new members. The Association is able to validate all members with the help of the Master Instructor (s) and Instructor (s). It is a progressive way to initiate past members, and is also a special benefit for new members.

*Instructors can add APPI system to their own teaching system (all accessible online) and give APPI certification to all students and guarantee the best paragliding Education.