How to Add APPI Staff to my School

To have access to these options:

You must have your APPI instructor Certification valid, and have already registered your school with APPI. Or be an APPI Tandem Pilot and have already registered your Flight Centre with APPI.

If you are an instructor, it’s important to select and add all instructors working at your school. Instructors need a school to register new members or to add qualifications to an existing member. All the students registered by the instructors will be to the name of the school. The qualification of the school is in accordance with the instructor’s qualifications.
1. From My account scroll down and click on ’Add staff’.
2. Select the instructor, assistant or tandem pilot working in your school.
Don’t forget to click on the button ’OK’.
3. Now a new instructor or tandem pilot works in your school or flight centre.
If he/she worked previously in another school, he/she will be deleted from the previous one, as he/she can work only in one school or flight centre at the time.
He/she will receive an email notifiying of the change.
4. To remove an APPI staff member from your school, click on the trash icon.
5. Confirm the deletion.
6. Done, this instructor has been removed from the list of employees at your school.
7. Only for APPI schools: registrations are free of charge. However to receive APPI Certification Cards and receive activated membership status, the fee must be paid. It is recommended (but not obligatory) that the price is included in the course and paid by the school. It is also possible for the student to pay him/herself directly to APPI website.
You may wish to select which instructors are in charge of APPI membership Fees in your school.
Click on ’student’ or ’school’ to change this option.
8.Now, your authorized instructors have a choice, when registering a new member, to pay via the school or by the student.