Newsletter In English - December 2013

December 2013
1) Clarification
2) APPI Paragliding workshop in Latin America
3) PPG News
4) Become Group Leader, Fly Guide, or Sky Guide
5) Don’t forget to register accidents online

1) Clarification

APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI system, and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done, unless APPI is recognized by the legal authority managing free flight in that country. Check with the local federation if such an agreement exists.

In some countries, APPI is recognized as the official education system.

Your paragliding activity (solo, tandem, instruction) must comply with the laws of the country in which it is performed.

APPI strongly recommends its members to be insured to paraglide, and in case of an accident, APPI does not accept any liability.
All EU Schools and EU tandem pilots must hold Third Party Liability Insurance.

2) APPI Paragliding workshop in Latin America

December 9th-21st, 2013, at Ibarra, Ecuador.

The First APPI PRO LATINO Workshop.

The workshop will be given in Spanish.

Del 9 al 21 de diciembre 2013 en Ibarra, Ecuador, se desarrollara el primer workshop APPI PRO LATINO. El workshop se dara en espanol.

This workshop has several courses:

  • For pilots:
    • - SIV course,
    • - Basic and Advanced SIV validation,
    • - Acro Pilot validation.
  • For instructors:
    • - theoretical and practical validation,
    • - instructor SIV validation.

More information here.

3) PPG News

APPI PPGThis month APPI PPG are off to Dubai to help set up and manage a new Paramotor Centre. They will be working with Skydive Dubai, the world’s leading Skydiving centre, and plan to run the Paramotor Centre in a similar way. For more information visit www.skydivedubai.ae.

Skydive Dubai have also just signed a deal with Parabatix, the Paramotor Sky racing organisation, and they will be competing at this years International Parachuting Competition in Dubai this December. For further information visit www.parabatix.com.

4) Become Group Leader, Fly Guide, or Sky Guide

A GROUP LEADER is an APPI certified Pilot on tour, in a new site in communication with the local APPI Instructor. This pilot is not authorized to use radio as a guide or during the course (Radio only for information and Safety).
If guiding is necessary or the pilot level is insufficient the Tour leader will organize an instructor to join the tour.
To become group leader, you need to be an APPI Tandem Pilot.

A FLY GUIDE is authorized to guide any level pilot on site, on tour, and on visual XC flight.
To become Fly guide, you need to be an APPI Instructor with one year active experience.

A SKY GUIDE is the highest instructor level. This professional can guide any level of Pilot on XC flight, Bivouac flight, and in remote areas.
To become Sky guide, you need to be an APPI Instructor with two active years experience and have the certification of XC instructor. In addition you must have completed a minimum of 2 full years flying experience in the area of guiding and flying.
He/she is responsible for one or more Geographical areas and can register and manage these areas (Atlas zone) online.

5) Don’t forget to register accidents online

Any APPI member can register any Paragliding or Paramotor accident.
Instructors are required to report accidents.

Many Tandem Pilots hide accidents for commercial reasons.

It is important to do so for statistical reasons that allow APPI to improve these rules and for insurance companies who use it to be able to offer better conditions for their members.

your APPI team.
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