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Newsletter In English - February 2014

February 2014
1) Launching of APPI ParaTrike
2) ’Fly more’ in Bulgaria project continues!
3) PPG News
4) World tandem speed record
5) Advice on how to receive your APPI membership card quickly

1) Launching of APPI ParaTrike

Lauching APPI ParaTrikeAPPI has recently launched APPI ParaTrike, which is similar to APPI PPG but designed for those who wish to progress directly onto flying ParaTrikes. The First APPI ParaTrike Master Instructors are Alex Ledger, Antonio Castro and Kester Haynes.

For further information visit: www.appiparatrike.org.

2) ’Fly more’ in Bulgaria project continues!

Fly More Project Bulgaria 2014

From April 20 to May 30 at Sopot and Sofia, Bulgaria:

  • - Training ’APPI Open Sky Tandem’
  • - Validation ’APPI tandem’
  • - Training ’Assistant instructor’
  • - Training ’Tandem handicapped’

The general target of the project is to develop and promote paragliding in Bulgaria. We plan to organize courses for all levels of pilots. Specifically for professionals we will create a technical center for equipment annual checking and repairing, open a web portal about paragliding in Bulgaria, and create 2 meteorologic stations.

APPI is involved with the project as an expert consultant. We follow the project, organize the formations for the professionnal pilots in Bulgaria and give advice regarding the test center and meteorologic station.

More information here or on www.sky-camp.com.

3) PPG News

APPI PPG Instructor and APPI ParaTrike Master Instructor Antonio Castro will be exhibiting at Las Candelas, Spain on the 1st & 2nd of February promoting both APPI PPG and APPI ParaTrike: www.lascandelasparamotores.com

APPI PPG Master Instructor Dean Eldridge is about to depart on another filming adventure for the Discovery Channel. Meanwhile APPI PPG Master Instructor Alex Ledger is currently in Spain on a film shoot for the SEAT sponsored Daily Telegraph ’One Man One Car’ Adventure Challenge.

See here for more information.

4) World tandem speed record

World Tandem Speed Record

Well done Guys!

A new Tandem World record in Kenya set by Hunter Marrian who got his APPI Tandem rating just in time for his record attempt.

He sent a nice note to us after the flight and said; "I just wanted to let you know that I broke the tandem 100km out and return world record. It wasn’t as fast as we could have got as the wind was howling and slowed us down a bit, but we got it by 7 mins."

Well done Guys!

See on www.facebook.com/wrproject

5) Advice on how to receive your APPI membership card quickly

To receive your APPI membership card you need :

  • - To order and pay 7 Euros fee for the card (included with the 32 Euros of membership for the new members).
  • - To have uploaded your ID photo, in good quality with only head and shoulders. Sunglasses, photo-gray lenses, hats and helmet are unacceptable.
  • - To have confirmed your APPI account (during the first visit on the APPI website).
  • - To Have a valid birthdate.
  • - To have a valid postal address (preferably in chinese for chinese members and in Persan for Iranian members).
  • - To have at least one qualification validated (qualifications in progress are not considered).

    If APPI sent to you previously a card, or if you have an APPI account for many activities (Paragliding, Paramotor or Paratrike), you need to confirm the sending of the card by pressing on the button ’Send now a free new certification card for ...’.

    Beware: to get a card for Paragliding order or confirm the card on www.appifly.org, to get a card for Paramotor order or confirm the card on www.appippg.org and to get a card for Paratrike order or confirm the card on www.appiparatrike.org.

    The card will be sent in maximum 45 days. If you don’t receive the card after this delay, please contact the secretary.

    The card has a permanent validity, so you need to order a new card only if you loose it, or if you get a new APPI certification or specialty.