Newsletter In English - January 2014

January 2014
1) 2013 was a great year for APPI
2) Your feedback is valuable
3) PPG News
4) Summary of the workshop in Latin America

1) 2013 was a great year for APPI

APPI New Year 2014APPI team wishes a Happy New Year 2014 to all APPI members.

We would like to thank all of our members and instructors for their support. Each of you help facilitate more people in the world to practice paragliding and paramotoring in the safest way possible.

APPI has grown considerably in 2013, we now recognize 257 instructors for paragliding and 55 instructors for paramotor in 133 schools reaching 89 different countries.

We started the workshop for the confirmation of APPI instructors and instructors SIV, and we will further develop these workshops in the world for 2014.

APPI will soon be launching a new APPI ParaTrike website to work alongside APPI and APPI PPG.

2) Your feedback is valuable

To meet the needs of our members and to improve the process as much as possible, we invite all APPI instructors to give their opinion on the ’APPI education system’, as well as improvements to the website.

Feel free to send your comments to the APPI secretary


APPI PPG Master Instructor Kester Haynes has recently been in Oman running some Paramotor Courses for the Omani Police.

APPI PPG Master Instructor Alex Ledger has been given funding by the UK Charity ’Help for Heroes’ to teach wounded soldiers how to fly Paramotors and ParaTrikes before embarking on an expedition in September 2014.

4) Summary of the workshop in Latin America

From 9 to December 15th 2013 was held the APPI Latino workshop, in partnership with the AEP (Ecuadorian Association of Paragliding) and Ecuadorian civil aviation.

Twelve participants mainly professionals native to Equator, Venezuela, Colombia and Scotland have seriously deepen their knowledge in various subjects such as materials and equipment, aerodynamics, flight, weather, pedagogy ...These courses were supplemented by situational training and SIV which helped refine the techniques of teaching and guiding. Finally, a visit to the instructors on their workplace has concluded the workshop .

The training was conducted in Spanish by two APPI Master Instructors from Europe: Jordi Marquillas SIV specialist and pilot for the standard EN and Manu Bonte Engineer of the paragliding company Nervures. Weather part was provided by Mr. Osvaldo Flores engineer meteorologist of the Ecuadorian civil aviation.

Upon completion of seventy hours of theoretical and practical courses, highly motivated participants showed strong knowledge. It has been possible to validate a new master instructor, two instructors, an assistant instructor and two tandem pilots in APPI. Were also confirmed a master SIV and a SIV instructor.

Thus thank you to all participants for their enthusiasm and serious, to AEP for the organization and to Ecuadorian Civil Aviation for its collaboration.

your APPI team.
www.appifly.org or www.appippg.org