Newsletter In English - January 2015

January 2015
1) Notes from the APPI team
2) Workshop Colombia at Roldanillo
3) Evolution of APPI Education system and rules
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

APPI New year 2015

1) Notes from the APPI team

APPI wishes all members a Happy 2015.

We worked hard last year for the benefit of our dear members.

The number of APPI pilots and instructors increased approximately 40% in 2014.

The examination questions have been checked and new questions have been added. Now we have more than 850 questions.

The first phase of the pilot’s manual is complete, however, we will continue to improve it.

The website, exam questions and messages are being translated into French, Spanish and Chinese.

We welcomed 2 new secretaries. Claire, who will print cards and oversee shipments, and Rebecca in China, for our members who speak only Chinese.

We started the activity paratrike, which is still low, but is expected to grow rapidly in 2015.

We have implemented a pedagogical committee for paragliding which is now fully operational. The masters of this committee have planned many APPI workshops for 2015 (Colombia, Bosnia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, China, Nepal, Iran ...).

We also conducted our first workshop for tandem pilots in China, and in 2015 we will return for a workshop for instructors. Paragliding is a relatively new activity in China, and demand is very strong.

We hope to offer a worldwide insurance policy (with the exception of a few countries) for pilots, tandems pilots, instructors and schools by the end of 2015.

We hope also to have time to refresh the site in 2015, to adapt it to tablets and mobile phones.

We will continue our momentum in 2015 to welcome more pilots and instructors in our community and to improve the security of our members.

2) Workshop Colombia at Roldanillo

Workshop Colombia at Roldanillo

From December 16 to 18 held in Roldanillo a workshop for pilots who wanted to acquire advanced theoretical knowledge.

Some came from afar to attend the course that swept many themes.

Autonomous pilot, high level crossman and some tandem pilots were able to acquire the tools to improve their safety, piloting and performance.

They benefited from the exceptional presence of French psychologist paragliding pole hope, who made a remarkable speech on human factors in paragliding and stress management.

The pilots had concrete answers to their questions, and acquired tools and practical methods to fly with greater security and making progress.

3) Evolution of APPI Education system and rules

There are many accidents with acro tandem above the ground, with clients, equipped with a single reserve (sometimes out date and wouldn’t handle line failure), using wings that are not designed for that.

Stall, spins, sats, big wing overs, inversions , super strong 360° stressing the gear...

All this happening in countries where there is no gear control.

Also ground proximity: death spiral at landing, death spiral on take off, wingover close to the ground...

To limit the number of this kind of accidents, the APPI Pedagogical committee has defined new rules:
- allow acro tandem only above the water, with a tandem certified for this use (12G certified), inside the weight range, with two reserves parachute or a tandem rogallo, and no radical move less than 200m above the surface ....
- forbid acro tandem above the ground,
- allow exceptional acro tandem demonstration above the ground with authorization of a master of the pedagogic committee that will engage his responsibility.

Above the ground we limit the maneuvers like this:
- no stall, no spin, no sat, no wingover above 90 degrees,
- no spiral dive stronger than -8 m/s unless emergency,
- no trick lower than 300m above ground (wing overs, deep spiral dive).

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- APPI Workshop at Medellin, Colombia from 9 to 16 March 2015
This workshop is mainly intended to professional tandem pilots and instructor. Part of the workshop will also be open to recreational pilots of all levels who wish to acquire advanced theoretical knowledge.
For more infos, contact APPI secretary.

- Rutas LA MUELA en Reyes, January 3 - 6, 2015 at La Muela. (Guadalajara), Madrid, Spain.
Aprovechando la Cabalgata aérea organizada por el Ecmo. Ayuntamiento de Alarilla y la Asociación Cultural de Alarilla, con la inestimable participación de todo el pueblo y del Club La Tienda de La Muela, qu ofrecen un espectáculo increíble desde hace más de 25 años, con Belén viviente, fuegos artificiales, descenso de los RR.Magos en ala delta y pajes en parapentes iluminados y con pirotecnia, y agasajo de visitantes con viandas propias de la época ...y aprovechando que el fin de semana será más largo de lo habitual, proponemos estas rutas en PARAMOTOR. Se harán durante el fin de semana 3 y 4 de enero y el mismo lunes 5, antes de la Cabalgata, y el martes 6, día de reyes, según los asistentes, que serán deleitadois como siempre se hace en este mítico enclave del Vuelo Libre en España. Os esperamos
More infos here.

- Australian National Hang Gliding Championships 2015, January 1 - 8 at Australia.
More infos here.

- Validation of pilots in Yunnan, China, January 12 - 13 with Mike Fougère (APPI instructor 10487).
For more infos, contact Rebecca.

- APPI pilot sharing session at Guiyang, Guizhou, China, January 16 with guest speakers Bal Krishna Basel (APPI Assistant Instructor 10010) and Shankar Parajuli (APPI Tandem Pilot 10067).
For more infos, contact Rebecca.

- Paragliding Road Trip Colombia January 2015, January 5 - 30 at Bucaramanga, el Cañon del Chicamocha, Medellin, Damasco, Ansermanuevo, Roldanillo, Bogota, Villa de Leyva, Barichara, Colombia.
Road Trip with a full size van in differents fly sites all around the country.
Visiting the world cup in Roldanillo, 12 pilots max at the time.
More infos here.

- 24. Stubai-Cup, March 5 - 8, at Stubaital, Tirol, Austria.
More infos here.

- SIV and XC Course, February 4 - 19 at Pokhara, Nepal with Mohammad Razeghi (APPI Master instructor 10607).
More infos here.

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