Newsletter In English - July 2014

July 2014
1) Petition against mandatory transponder for free-flyers
2) APWT Albania 2014 with the participation of APPI
3) PPG News
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

1) Petition against mandatory transponder for free-flyers in Austria!

Dear APPI pilots of the world.

We need your help!


For the first time, the civil aviation authority in a country intends to require the use of a transponder for paragliding and hang gliding.

The consequences would be disastrous for the activity, technical and financial constraints are extremely important.

The Austrian federation, the DHV and local pilots who defend the free flight need your support.

Please take a moment to sign this petition here.

UPWT Albania 2014

2) APWT June 2014, Albania, with the participation of APPI

It was a successful Acrobatics Paragliding World Cup in Albania from 13 to 15 June 2014 with the participation of APPI. We had three runs. All competitors and judges were happy and next year we are going to collaborate again.

A big thank you to Mendo Veljanovski (master APPI) and Roland Dorozhani (APPI Instructor) for their help.

Link of the video from APWT Albania.

Note: APPI is recognized by Albanian Civil Aviation.

3) PPG News


- The Flying for Heroes team training course is now currently taking place with SkySchool in Spain. Having completed 4 weeks of intensive ParaTrike training they will embark on an epic flying expedition in Kenya at the end of August. Keep up with the Team’s progress on Facebook.

- The APPI PPG Instructor course in Spain at the beginning June was a big success and we have now scheduled 2 instructor courses later this year, one in Cyprus in September and the other in Brazil in November.

- Look out for APPI PPG Master Instructors Kester Haynes and Dean Eldridge demonstrating their flying skills at the Farnborough Air Show in the UK from the 14th - 20th July!

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- SkySchool’s 10th Anniversary, July 11 - July 13 at Aerodromo Ordis, Figueras, Spain.
More infos here.

- 1st International Paragliding Accuracy Championships - iPAC 2014, Philippines, 22 - 24 August 2014.
The Philippine Paragliding Association presents it’s first event featuring pilots from 8-10 countries in challenging accuracy landing competition located in the most majestic bay South of the Archipelago, Sarangani Bay. It’s objective is to attract a bigger following for air sports adventure and promote local tourism in the region.
More informations here.

- Fly the game, Courgnè, Italy, 13 July 2014.
Coloriamo il cielo con le nostre ali colorate,tra autostrade di cumuli e sorrisi mozzafiato!!!
More infos here.

- TROFEO "TRE PIZZI", 17 - 20 July 2014, Esanatoglia, Italy.
The Vestina Aeroclub - Volandia, in collaboration with Monte Gemmo Free-flight, is organizing the "TRE PIZZI" TROPHY, international paragliding competition, FAI 2 category. At the same time, a COMPETITION TRAINING COURSE will be scheduled, with ranks and final awards for all pilots in possession of standard documents according to current regulations, also without a FAI license.
More infos here.

- Balkan PGA tour 2014, 18 - 20 July 2014, Brasov, Romania.
We are pleased to invite all paraglider pilots wishing to take part in this event to register and to meet us in Brasov - Romania starting with the 18 - 20 July 2014.
All pilots holding a FAI license are welcomed to take part in the FAI accuracy landing competition.
An Open section will also be organized, in order to enable other paragliding licensed pilots that do not hold the FAI license, to attend this event, based on the available time slots left by the FAI competition.
More infos here.

- Austrian Open 2014, 1 August 2014, Schiessling, Austria.
International Austrian Championship in Hanggliding 2014, flight area Schiessling.
More infos here
Please use the online entry form.

- XMantiqueira 2014, 8 - 10 August 2014, Sao Lourenço, Brazil.
More infos here.

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