Newsletter In English - June 2014

June 2014
1) Petition against mandatory transponder for free-flyers
2) PPG News
3) A visually impaired (Blind) achieves Solo Flight
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

1) Petition against mandatory transponder for free-flyers in Austria!

Dear APPI pilots of the world.

Things change in Europe!


Commercial aviation is requesting more controlled space, the development of drones generates ever increasing exclusion zones, our free flight space is restricted.

For the first time, the civil aviation authority in a country intends to require the use of a transponder for paragliding and hang gliding.

The consequences would be disastrous for the activity, technical and financial constraints are extremely important.

The Austrian federation, the DHV and local pilots who defend the free flight need your support.

Please take a moment to sign this petition:

Go http://justacro.com/news/140212/petition-against-mandatory-transponder-free-flyers-austria and http://www.dhv.de/web/newsdetails/article/petition-gegen-die-transponderpflicht-in-oesterreich/.

2) PPG News


- The next APPI PPG Instructor course in Spain kicks off on the 1st June and we have candidates from Mauritius, Sweden, Italy and Cyprus.

- Then the following APPI PPG Instructor course will take place in Cyprus from the 31st August until 7th September. This will be followed by a course in Mongolia in September and another one in Brazil in October.

- APPI PPG Master Instructor Dean Eldridge is now on his way back to the UK after an epic film trip, including a visit to the Fiji surf championships!

- APPI PPG Master Instructor Kester Haynes is off to the USA again for some more teaching on the SkyRunner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IupTQZa9mRY.

- Finally, the Flying for Heroes expedition might have to take place in another country now due to the recent terrorism issues in Kenya. We will know more in due course after the Ministry of Defense have made their final decision.

3) FLIGHT OF A HERO: A visually impaired (Blind) achieves Solo Flight

Blind man solo flight

Divyanshu met Avi and Anita from temple pilots at their home a month back with a simple request – he wanted to fly. The only challenge was that he was blind.

Avi said ‘yes’ with all his heart. Now, the task of the mind began.

After 5 days of training, ground school, one on one intense session with Avi Malik (CFI Templepilots) & the team, many hours at the flying site – we have a hero.

Divyanshu completed his historic successful Solo flight yesterday.

It is no less a feat than the first climber on Mt. Everest.
He is the first one to do this in India.

It is an achievement we are cherishing deep in our hearts. Never to forget…

He has made us all fly, very high.

Divyanshu Ganatra :
When you come to the edge of light, and are about to take off into the unknown: Trust and faith is knowing that Temple Pilots will give you something solid to stand on, and wings to fly! Thank you for helping break all stereotypes, limits and barriers and opening the loving blue skies to me forever. You guys make flying so easy and safe that anyone can do it with their eyes closed! We just proved it!

More photos here.

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- Urgent: Employment offer for certified tandem pilot in China, from June 1 to August 31, 2014, Near Chendu , province Sichuan.
Only certified pilots and instructors will be employed at this school offering flights for student passengers. This is a private site with exclusive tandem operations and teaching facilities.
More informations here and contact Mike: mike4g_air@yahoo.ca.

- Meet APPI Master Instructor Mendo Veljanovsky (10004) at APWC in Albania, from June 11 to June 14, 2014.
It will take place in Pogradec at the Ohrid lake with the involvement of APPI.

- Acrotermas - Parapente Free Style - Featuring Hernán Pitocco, from June 6 to June 8 at Las Termas de Rio Hondo, santiago del Estero, Argentina.
More infos here.

- Sakana Parapente eguna with BAIZA PARAPENTE ESKOLA, June 7 at Iturmendi, Spain.
More infos here.

- Video battle Paragliding, Mountain Bike, kayaking, longboarding, June 14 at Embrun, France.
More infos here

More infos here.

- Vidéo Vol de nuit au Lion de Waterloo, June 15 2014 at Waterloo, Belgium.
More infos here.

- III Encuentro de Amigos del Parapente y Paramotor, June 21 - June 22 at Vejer De La Frontera (Cádiz), Spain.
More infos here.

- Fly to Play/La Calera, June 27 - June 30 at Voladero los Trinos - La Calera, Columbia.
More infos here.

- Roma International Airshow 2014, June 28 at Lungomare Ostia, Roma, Italia.
More infos here.

- Aerothlon Santiago Nuevo León, June 28 at Santiago Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
More infos here.

- SkySchool’s 10th Anniversary, July 11 - July 13 at Aerodromo Ordis, Figueras, Spain.
More infos here.

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