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Newsletter In English - June 2015

June 2015
1) Relief for victims of earthquake in Nepal
2) QR code on APPI certification cards
3) Significant increase of APPI workshops this year
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

1) Relief for victims of earthquake in Nepal

Relief earthquake Nepal

We thank all those who have contributed their help and financial support to victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

We were able to collect 1,850 Euros that were used to buy 385 metal roofing sheets to rebuild destroyed houses.

We still have 400 Euros to be distributed, we will use this money soon left to purchase other goods for Nepalese destitute.

Thank you to Babu Sunuwar and the entire teams of karmaflights and thecloudbasefoundation who have given themselves fully to organize and deliver aid to remote villages. Without them those people would not have been rescued as quickly.

International aid was stuck in Kathmandu airport because of niggling procedures from the Nepalese customs that have not considered using an emergency procedure in this case.

So, part of the aid was simply refused by the government whereas the victims had no shelter and had nothing to eat.

Donations are still being accepted for future assistance, see this page.

2) QR code on APPI certification cards and temporary licenses

APPI card

It is now possible for those who have received their APPI certification card recently to verify the authenticity of the card, and see the final qualifications obtained using your smartphone.

Simply scan the QR code printed on your APPI certification card or your APPI temporary license using your mobile.

You will need an Internet connection and an application to read QR Code, which you can find freely on your phone store.

We noticed that some temporary certificates and APPI certification cards were falsified, so when in doubt about the authenticity, always check online.

3) Significant increase of APPI workshops this year

APPI instructor certification

Following a sharp increase in APPI-PRO applications, the pedagogical committee has made a significant effort to organize more APPI pro-workshops worldwide.

We should reach about 10 workshops for the current year.

Workshops are planned in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Nepal, Argentina and Ecuador by the end of the year.

All participants that get a certification during a pro-workshop, receive special mention with the logo of the current year.

This logo appears on their profile and shows what they have been recently updated.

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- APPI will be present at the exhibition of Chengdu, China, 17-19 July 2015.
Followed by a PPG workshop in China.
More infos contact the APPI secretary in China or for the workshop, the PPG secretary.

- APPI workshop in Greece, Sikaminea, Mount Olympus area, 6-12 June 2015.
Theory course for paragliding pilots, tandem pilots & instructors pro-workshop, in collaboration with Stelios Makrovassilis, APPI instructor.
Accommodation: info@olympicwings.gr
More information and registration: info@olympicwings.gr and manubonte1@gmail.com.

- APPI workshop in Bulgaria, Sopot, 15-30 September 2015.
Supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Partnership and Expert Fund.
Advanced courses for pilots, courses for tandem pilots and courses for instructors.
With Mendo Veljanovsky, in collaboration with Sky Camp Paragliding School.
For more infos, contact Victoria.

- Competition at Fribourg, Switzerland, from June 4 to June 7.
Organized by the APPI school Gruyere Parapente with APPI master Marc Pugin (10130).
4 days of walking and flying in the foothills and nights and refueling in shacks.
Followed by live tracking beacon on internet.
Open to any APPI Advanced solo pilot.
Info & registrations here.

- CNP3 - Congress for Paratrike Paramotor Pilots at Santa Helena City, Brasil, 23-28 June 2015.
Attention pilots from all over Brazil! And countries around....... There comes the 1st CNP3 - National meeting for Paratrike and Paramotor pilots.
Super SIV (Kurt), leveling pilots for national and APPI-PPG pilots, June Festival (Arraial Pilots), simulation and reserve course and first aid clinic... and more...
The purpose of this event is to raise the technical level of our pilots, bringing knowledge and improvement and new techniques.
We will also have Cross Country workshop, maintenance workshops and check equipment, SIV course with Kurt, among many other activities that will be part of this great meeting.
More infos here.

- Advanced Coastal Clinic at Bali, Indonesia, 21-30 August 2015.
Organized by Temple Pilots Paragliding School.
The Course will include the following:
1. Cliff Launching Techniques
2. Coastal Soaring Techniques
3. Top Landing Skill Development
4. Ground Handling & Kiting Skill Development
5. Safe Flying under Supervision
6. Briefing & Debriefing Sessions
More infos here.

- Festival Paramotor KELANTAN 2015, from June 5 to June 7 at Gunong, Kelantan, Malaysia.
More infos here.

- Parafest 2015 from June 12 to June 14 at Llangollen, North Wales, UK.
The biggest event of its kind in the UK. Paragliding, Paramotoring, Hang Gliders, traders, mountain bike tracks, market area, sideshow attractions, kids zone, zip line, on site bar, caterers, hog roast, live music, DJ, the list goes on....!!
If you are a flyer, thinking about learning to fly or if you want to see some flying, ride the downhill mountain bike tracks or just fancy a weekend away camping in Wales having fun and partying with the rest of us then you need to come here.!
More infos here.

- International Paramotor Meeting Blois, June 19-21 at Blois, France.
More infos here.

If you organize or know any paragliding & paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share this with APPI community.

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