Newsletter In English - March 2015

March 2015
1) New Tandem Record
2) APPI Tandem Pilots in China
3) Evolution of APPI rules
4) PPG News
5) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

1) New Tandem Record

APPI Tandem record broken

Congratulations to the APPI tandem pilot Hunter Marrian, License N° 12644, who after having already broken the speed record in tandem last year, broke a new record in Kenya.

Hunter and his passenger, Evans, managed to crack two out and return distance records.

Clocking 211km for the free flight and 210.4 km for the declared.

Flying for 9 and 1/2 hours it was an exhausting flight but they enjoyed a very nice day in the Kerio Valley.

We wish him good luck for his next flight record.

2) APPI Tandem Pilots in China

APPI China Tandem Pilots

We are happy to have had 3 Nepalese pilots visiting China in Mid of January to promote the paragliding sport. They shared the flying experiences with the local people in Guiyang city, and the following tandem flight activities did not only realize people’s flying dreams, but could have bird-view of the astonishing Guizhou Karst landforms.

The local newspaper published these events and it has helped to raise the public awareness about paragliding.

We sincerely welcome pilots from all over the world to fly and have good time in China!

News references:
- Flying in LongLi, Guizhou,
- Flying in ZangKeJiang Lake, Guizhou.

3) Evolution of APPI rules

- It is now asked of tandem pilots engaged in commercial operations, to deliver a flight certificate to their passenger with the school name and contact, if possible the representative federation or association with name and contact, and a link to APPI International website for the pilot review, giving the opportunity to the passenger to fly again in tandem or learn all around the world with APPI.
Affiliate members can download the APPI flight certificate here and change if they want to add the logo of their school. We’ve noticed that the issuance of this certificate has greatly increased the schools attendance if it is delivered.

- Now you can choose to send your APPI certification card to your own address, to your current school address or to your working/teaching school address (only for tandem pilots and instructors).

- The instructors who are registered by equivalence just need to learn and pass a test to validate their knowledge of the APPI education system and APPI rules & regulations.

- Small change in the requirements to become open sky tandem pilot and tandem pilot: during the examination, fast descent for 5 seconds minimum compulsory. We remind you that tandem pilots and instructors must now follow a validation workshop.

- Safety information: Kortel Design has launched a security advisory about harnesses Kamasutra II, Karma II, and Krashbox Module Kuik II.
See details on this page.
Contact info@korteldesign.com if you have any questions.

4) PPG News


- APPI PPG Master Instructor Alex Ledger is currently in South Africa running another APPI PPG Instructor course. Next month he returns to Brazil to run a second APPI PPG & ParaTrike Instructor course.

- APPI PPG Master Instructor Dean Eldridge is back in Africa filming for another Aerials Documentary.

- APPI PPG’s new Master Instructor, Zebur Mercan, who is also the Assistant Manager, is off to Kuwait for the whole of 2015 provide Performance Flying coaching to the Kuwaiti Team.

- APPI PPG Master Instructor Kester Haynes has been filming with Bear Grylls Paramotor in Scotland. Further footage to be released soon!

- PPG pilot and advanced PPG pilot examination questions are now online for affiliated members (see PPG Courses → Exams). The pilots can train online, and instructors can print the questionnaire to take the exam to their students.

5) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- APPI Workshop at Medellin, Colombia, from 9 to 16 March 2015.
This workshop is mainly intended for pilots and professional tandem pilots. Part of the workshop will also be open to recreational pilots of all levels who wish to acquire advanced theoretical knowledge. Organized by APPI and APPI school n°83 Paragliding medellin (Instructor : Ruben Darío Montoya Vargas).
More infos here.

- APPI Workshop at Safi ranch, Sarangani Bay, Mindanao, Philippines, from 6 to 8 March 2015.
During a 3 days evaluation workshop, APPI and PPHGA the Philippine Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association will be working together, an opportunity to verify and upgrade your pilot skills.
In collaboration with Armand Dard (10798) an APPI instructor, Randell ’Buko’ Raymundo a Filipino instructor (10774) and the APPI school Adventure Nomads.
David will give a free half-day short course for take off & landing safety.
For instructors, Tandem pilots, Advanced pilots and pilots, with possibility of exams for Tandem pilots and Advanced pilots.
To register and more info, contact pphga.email@gmail.com

- 24. Stubai-Cup, 5 - 8 March at Stubaital, Tirol, Austria.
More infos here.

- Winter Mazuria Paramotor Cup Orzysz, 14 - 15 March at Orzysz, Poland.
More infos here.

- Helico Drop Acro Show, 14 March at Tirane, Albania.
More infos here.

- VI Encuentro internacional de parapente, 21 - 23 March at valle del Risaralda, Apia Colombia.
More infos here.

- Open Argentino de Parapente 2015, 22 March at Cuchi Corral, Cordoba, Argentina.
More infos here.

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