Newsletter In English - November 2013

November 2013
1) APPI schools and instructors
2) APPI Paragliding workshop in Latin America
3) PPG News
4) Renew your APPI annual membership for less!
5) ’Fly More project’ Bulgaria with APPI

1) APPI schools and instructors

We would like to remind all paragliding instructors that registration by equivalence requires a proper evaluation.

Any paragliding instructor recorded by equivalence must follow a course taught by a master instructor.

  • - One day minimum course for Swiss and French graduates instructors explaining the APPI system,
  • - full workshop for other instructors.

A quality inspection could be conducted to verify that the APPI instructors were well followed during this training.

2) APPI Paragliding workshop in Latin America

December 9th-21st, 2013, at Ibarra, Ecuador.

The First APPI PRO LATINO Workshop.

The workshop will be given in Spanish.

Del 9 al 21 de diciembre 2013 en Ibarra, Ecuador, se desarrollara el primer workshop APPI PRO LATINO. El workshop se dara en espanol.

This workshop has several courses:

  • For pilots:
    • - SIV course,
    • - Basic and Advanced SIV validation,
    • - Acro Pilot validation.
  • For instructors:
    • - theoretical and practical validation,
    • - instructor SIV validation.

More information here.

3) PPG News

APPI PPGAPPI PPG Master Instructors Alex Ledger and Kester Haynes are moving to Dubai to oversee the development of a new Paramotor Centre with Skydive Dubai and will be using APPI PPG to qualify and regulate the Pilots, Tandem Pilots and Instructors in the UAE.

APPI PPG Master Instructor Dean Eldridge is about to start some more filming work for the Discovery Channel series ’Aerials’. After that he will be available throughout the winter for Instructor and Competition Training.

For further information contact: secretary-ppg@appifly.org.

4) Renew your APPI annual membership for less!

By paying your annual fee, you can enroll for an additional year for only 20 Euros.

5) ’Fly More project’ Bulgaria with APPI

Fly More Project Bulgaria 2013

The workshop ’Fly More Project’ with APPI is nearing completion.

Already done:

  • - Tandem courses with APPI Master Mathieu Abrard,
  • - Beginner courses with the supervision of APPI Master Sabrina Thielen,
  • - Presentation of the project to the Bulgarian paragliding community.

In progress:

  • - Set up the first paragliding technical center for inspection and service, it will be open soon in Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • - Developing web portal giving information for the most popular flying sites, connected with online weather information,
  • - Soon we will have the planning of the courses for the season 2014.

More information here or on www.sky-camp.com.

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