Newsletter In English - November 2015

November 2015
1) APPI meeting Pedacom 2015
2) APPI workshop in Turkey
3) PPG News
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

1) APPI meeting Pedacom 2015

APPI meeting Pedacom 2015

Most members of the pedagogical committee and the APPI board met last month for 3 days of intense brainstorming.

The pedagogical committee among others conduct a thorough review of the APPI educational system, developments will be places on the horizon in January 2016.

Working groups are working to details and formatting changes.

The pedagogical committee welcomes new member Avi Malik, APPI master instructor in India.

We also have a new master Sylvain Galérant, specialist teaching paragliding for people with disabilities. Sylvain will initially develop the educational content of the practice of tandem with a passenger with a disability. Then he will develop within appi procedures to teach paragliding to a person with disabilities.

2) APPI workshop in Turkey

APPI workshop in Turkey

From October 16 to 23 took place the Turkish pro-workshop in the fabulous flying site of Olüdeniz.

Approximately twenty instructors came to enjoy this pro- workshop. mainly Turkish, but some came from distant countries (Australia, China, England, Iran ...)

They received advanced knowledge that is dispensed in the pro-workshop.

Practical evaluations are still being validated, the final results will be given later.

3) PPG News

Icarus Trophy

APPI PPG Master Instructors Alex Ledger and Kester Haynes have spent 3 weeks in the USA as part of the Race Committee for the Icarus Trophy, a Paramotor Race from Seattle to Sacramento.

The event consisted of 23 Pilots in two classes, the unsupported Race Class, which was won by David Wainwright who flew the 1300km in only 2.5 days, and the supported Adventure Class, which consisted of the majority of the pilots including Cayle Royce, a double amputee who was flying a bespoke ParaTrike.

Icarus Trophy

The pioneering event was dreamed up by The Adventurists, a British company who are ’Fighting to make the world less boring’ and they’ve certainly succeeded with the Icarus Trophy!

For further information or to sign up for this challenging event visit here.

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- Paragliding Challenge by Teams & Southamerican ACRO meeting, at Ibarra, Ecuador, 28-29 November 2015 by Jorge A. Duque C. (10675) and the APPI school Flyecuador.
Come to Ecuador to enjoy a challenge by teams with tasks of : Paragliding, Bike, trekking, downhill and swimming !!
For more infos, see this page.

- Last APPI-PPG clinic of the year 2015 at Itanhaém - São Paulo, Brasil, from 30 November to 4 December 2015 with Ricardo Maciel and the school CAJU BRASIL.
Brasil is a very large country. Take the oportunity to do the Clinic.
More information on this website.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Patagonia, Argentina, 4-12 December 2015 with Pablo Lopez and Manu Bonte.
More information and registration here.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in USA, 11-19 June 2016.
With Dale Covington and Manu Bonte, with the collaboration of Big Sky Paragliding School.
More information and registration: secretary@appifly.org.

- APPI PPG will be running a Paramotor Instructor Workshop in Thailand from the 23rd March to the 11th April with Alex Ledger and the school SkySchool Flight Centre.
For all enquiries please contact: secretary-ppg@appifly.org.

If you organize or know any paragliding & paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share this with APPI community.

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