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Newsletter In English - September 2015

September 2015
1) Icarus Trophy with APPI
2) Various APPI infos
3) PPG News
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

1) Icarus Trophy with APPI - The World’s Toughest Air Race

Icarus Trophy with APPI

The Icarus Trophy, quite possibly the world’s toughest air race, kicks off near Seattle, USA, in October.

The event involves 45 Paramotor Pilots and 2 ParaTrike pilots racing 2000km from Seattle to San Diego.

It is being run by The Adventurists, a British Adventure Travel company, and they are working with APPI PPG Master Instructors Alex Ledger and Kester Haynes who have been training some of the competitors and will also be marshalling the event.

Icarus Trophy with APPI

One of the competitors is Cayle Royce, a double amputee who lost his legs in an IED strike while serving in the British Army in Afghanistan.

Alex and Kester have taught him how to fly a specially modified ParaTrike and he hopes to become the first disabled pilot to complete this challenging race.

Updates about the race will be posted on the SkySchool page and APPI PPG Facebook page.

For further information about the Icarus Trophy and how you can take part in next year’s event visit here.

2) Various APPI infos

- Beware of online payments by credit card.
It was proposed to certain APPI instructors, course booking with online payment for groups.
We suspect that these reservations are fake.
We advise our instructors in case of group reservation, to request a deposit by bank transfer and accept payments by credit card only if you hold the card in your hand.

Pal Takats, APPI instructor

- 190 km flight from Austria to Italy and back by Pal Takats, APPI instructor and world champion in paragliding aerobatics.
To see on youtube.
Crossing the main alpine chains from the North side to the South and come back around. A long awaited route that I really wanted to try!

Pal Takats, APPI instructor

- Congratulations to Alireza Amidi, APPI pilot from Iran who won second place in the FAI competition.
I’ve participated in FAI Red Hats paragliding accuracy Cup International Competitions held from 31th July to 2th AUG at Kaliningrad- RUSSIA, with Tango and got the Second place with Silvers Medal and Cup. There were numerous pilots participating and the competition was in a difficult condition yet a friendly atmosphere. The event was perfectly arranged.
As for my experience it was not just a competition but a chance to get to feel the hospitality of people of Kaliningrad and enjoy the beauty of this lovely city.
I strongly recommend other pilots to visit this fabulous city and fly there.
Special thanks to ParAAvis Company, Mr. Sergey Nakovnik , Mr. Konstantin Pavlushko for their warm hospitality, and also the jury team and all who made this event take place in its best way.

3) PPG News

Next APPI PPG Instructor Course:

APPI PPG will be running an Instructor course in North East Spain from the 27th September to 4th October. To book the course email to PPG secretary.

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- XC seminar in mountain Olympus, Greece, 12-19 September 2015 by Olympic wings.
Olympic Wings offers an exclusive XC seminar with Simon Kirsch.
For more infos, see this page.

- APPI workshop in Bulgaria, Sopot, 15-30 September 2015.
Supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Partnership and Expert Fund.
Advanced courses for pilots, courses for tandem pilots and courses for instructors.
With Mendo Veljanovsky, in collaboration with Sky Camp Paragliding School.
For more infos, contact Victoria.

- APPI PPG course in Spain, 27th September - 4th October 2015.
For more infos, contact PPG secretary.

- 1º PPG Safety Week at Três Lagoas MS, Brazil, 5-12 October 2015 with CAJU BRASIL - Escola de paramotor e paratrike.
6 day Instructor courses designed to qualify APPI PPG Assistant Instructors and APPI PPG Instructors.
Followed by PARAMOTOR SIV, 10-12 October 2015.
For more Information see on this page.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Oludeniz, Turkey, 16-22 October 2015.
Professional workshop for the validation of APPI tandem pilots and APPI instructors.
With Mathieu Abrard, Murat Tuzer, Manu Bonte, Bruce Goldsmith (paragliding world champion 2007), Mendo Veljanovsky, Zabdi Keen, David Arrufat... in collaboration with skysports paragliding.
For more Information and registration contact skysport or Murat Tuzer +90 532 6167008.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Patagonia, Argentina, 4-12 December 2015.
With Pablo Lopez and Manu Bonte, in collaboration with Safety Acro Team.
More information and registration here.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Colombia, March 2016.
More information and exact dates later.
For registration: secretary@appifly.org.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in USA, 11-19 June 2016.
With Dale Covington and Manu Bonte, with the collaboration of Big Sky Paragliding School.
More information and registration: secretary@appifly.org.

If you organize or know any paragliding & paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share this with APPI community.

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