Newsletter in English - August 2012

August 2012
1) APPI paramotor
2) APPI & Babu Euro tour (continued)
3) Insurance
4) APPI Video

Dear APPI pilots and instructors,

1) APPI paramotor

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the APPI Paramotor activity, with a new dedicated website www.appippg.org.

If you are a PPG certified instructor, join us on APPI PPG!


APPI Paramotor

Babu 4

2) APPI & Babu Euro Tour (continued)

The European tour of Babu, the man who took off from the summit of Everest, continues. After beginning his memorable tour in Switzerland and the Southern Alps, the adventure continues in the Pyrenees with flights and the screening of the film "Hanuman Airlines", we invite you to share precious moments with Babu, his Nepali friends and APPI staff.

A few dates:

- August 1st screening at Luz Saint Sauveur,

- August 4th screening at Bagnères de Luchon (21h salle Henri Pac),

- August 5th screening at Pau,

- August 13th screening at the casino of Argeles Gazost.

Full schedule: www.appifly.org/?APPI-European-tour-2012

Thank you to Swiss schools who have given us an excellent reception. Many of them see how APPI complements their national system and integrate the APPI system in their teaching. If you teach paragliding and want to meet us so that you can represent APPI, contact us on secretary@appifly.org.

3) Insurance

The The APPI gliding insurance project is well advanced. Serious contacts suggest a global solution in the near future. In this regard, we remind you that it is important to report accidents on the form:

All data submitted is confidential and will only be used as a statistic.

APPI video

4) APPI Video

The new video presentation APPI is online, feel free to share it!


your APPI team.