Newsletter in English - April 2017

April 2017
1) Hot APPI news
2) APPI Pro-Workshop in Colombia, March 2017
3) PPG news
4) Upcoming APPI workshops and events

1) Hot APPI news

AAC- The Albanian Authority (AAC) accepts the APPI pilot license:
You can now fly paragliding to Albania with your APPI pilot license.
For further information for Albania, you can contact our APPI representative / instructor in Albania Roland Dorozhani.

PPHGA- Update APPI with recent developments in the Philippine Paragliding scene:
For three years, PPHGA has been the only representative to the Civil Aviation for Paragliding. While in the process of developing the Philippine National certification standards, most pilots were APPI certified. Last year, they have finally developed their national certification standards and system. PPHGA also look inspiration from APPI standards as the basis for national standards. They continue to recognize all APPI certifications and convert them to the National License for residents of the Philippines. Visiting APPI certified pilots are all welcome to fly at all flying sites without needing to convert to a National License.
However, it is a new rule in the Philippines that a National license is required for residents, and for foreign individuals working in the Philippines when flying on the accredited flying sites in this country.

- Print yourself your APPI pilot certificate:
You can print yourself your APPI license from your APPI account page by clicking on the button ’APPI Member License Certificate’ including information on your APPI insurance.

- Instructors and Masters can now offer to their students to take the APPI theory exam online:
Instructors and masters are strongly advised to use the new armed examination system to to ​put their students through the theoretical qualification examination as well as ​for the masters for the workshop review.
To arm a qualification exam, click on the ’Arming a new exam’ button, choose the level and the time limit.
Type the list of students​ using a comma​ to separate the license numbers.
Masters have more options to select a workshop-type exam. For the moment the workshop type exam is reserved for paragliding only.
Students must be affiliated to take the online exam ​which means that they must be up to date with their APPI membership dues.
Students will then receive an email inviting them to start the exam, and a red ’Exam in progress: xxx’ button will appear on their account page to start the exam.
Instructors can see the progress of the exam in real time by clicking on ’My armed exams’, (for refreshing the page click on the F5 key on your computer) .
From this they can show the details of the questions with the answer given by the student.
In the case of incorrect handling, an examination not started or in progress can be deleted.
If a similar exam is re-armed to the same student who already has an unfinished review, the previous examination will be canceled.

- For instructors:
if your student is already an APPI member from another activity (paragliding, paramotor or paratrike), use the same license number to register him/her, and do not register as a new member. We remind you that in case of multiple activities, the APPI membership must only be paid once. However the APPI certification card is specific to the activity, so one card must be ordered per activity.

2) APPI Pro-Workshop in Colombia, March 2017

APPI pro-workshop Colombia 2017
APPI pro-workshop Colombia 2017The colombian APPI Pro-Workshop was held in Jerico, Antioquia with the help of the paragliding Club Aburra and the school Paragliding Medellin.

27 Colombian pilots, tandem pilots and instructors enjoyed this workshop that was held in jerico, a beautiful place located close to Medellin.

This very intensive workshop provided up-to-date information about gear aging, flight mechanics, piloting, weather forecasting, stress and risk management, tandem procedures and teaching tools.

For tandem pilots, the emphasis was on safety procedures. For instructors, tools to structure the pedagogical process and to improve safety management were introduced.

This workshop was given by Manu Bonte, the president of the APPI pedagogical committee and by Miguel Guttierez, the director of Alas del Hombre, Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

The systematic check of the trim of the tandem showed big difference for most of the gliders…which is a major safety issue. The workshop allowed us to assess this and make the necessary corrections.

Special thanks to olivier Cotasson, a french Instructor, and Ruben Dario Montoyas Vargas, for their help and support.

The final validation of the instructors will take place in a few months, in order to leave enough time for mastering the procedures and tools.
APPI pro-workshop Colombia 2017APPI pro-workshop Colombia 2017APPI pro-workshop Colombia 2017APPI pro-workshop Colombia 2017

3) PPG news

APPI PPG Secretary Alex Ledger recently ran a very successful APPI PPG & ParaTrike Instructor Workshop in Greece. The course took place on the Aegean Sea beneath the stunning Mt Olympus and was organised by APPI Paragliding Master Instructor Stelios Makrovasilis. The weather was absolutely perfect for flying all week and allowed the 25 participants to do a lot of flying! Alex will return to Greece in November to run a second workshop.For further information contact: stelios@olympicwings.gr.

The next APPI PPG Instructor workshop takes place at Fly Zone Fermo, Italy from 7th - 14th May. For further information contact: secretary-ppg@appifly.org.

The new PPG logbook for solo pilot has been revised and modernized. It is currently being printed, contact the APPI PPG secretary to get it.

4) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Paragliding Pro-workshop in Greece, Mount Olympus, given in English by Patrick Troubet-Lacoste and Asterios Makrovasilis, April 1-10, 2017.
Theory course for advanced paragliding pilots, tandem pilots and instructors pro-workshop.
For more information and registration, contact Asterios Makrovasilis.

- APPI Paragliding Pro-workshop in USA, Salt Lake City, Utah, given in English by Dale Covington and Manu Bonte, April 1st to 10th, 2017.
This intensive workshop will be a mix of classroom and field practice, and will include three sections:
A 3 day theory segment open to all interested pilots, a 2 day Tandem clinic open to current tandem pilots, and a 2 day theory course for instructors already certified thru USHPA. There will also be 2 days of practical evaluations for the tandem and instructor segments. Interested tandem pilots and instructors can qualify for their APPI tandem and instructor ratings through this course. While the opportunity to get an APPI rating from this workshop is a great benefit, the biggest benefit will be the comprehensive education and current knowledge provided.
For more information and registration, contact Dale Covington.

- APPI PPG Paramotor & Trike pro-workshop in Italy, Fly Zone Fermo, From May 7th until May 14th 2017 with Alex Ledger master PPG instructor.
APPI PPG will be running an Instructor Workshop in Italy at Fly Zone Fermo. To secure your preferred dates or to enquire about where our next workshops will take place please email to secretary-ppg@appifly.org.

- More workshops are being prepared in many other countries, Spain and Asia for the 2nd part of the year 2017, then more are in preparation.
Watch this page regularly to see paragliding workshops planned.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

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