Newsletter in English - August 2016

August 2016
1) The APPI insurance is available !
2) Various APPI infos
3) Upcoming APPI workshops
4) Some upcoming paragliding events and courses
5) Record 226km task at US Paragliding Nationals

1) The APPI insurance is available !

Aviabel APPIFind all details here.

At present, European community and Swiss residents are eligible, as well as European community and Swiss citizens living abroad.

Our broker is already working to extend the offer to Turkey and Latin America.

Due to the complexity of laws governing powered aircraft activity, for the moment this insurance will not cover PPG activities. This may change in the future.

Third party liability insurance coverage : 1,600,000 Euros.

Student special offer for one month15 €
Solo pilot for one year40 €
Open sky tandem pilot (non commercial) for one year150 €
Professional for one year200 €

Student, Pilot, non commercial tandem pilot, Professional for one year 50 €
Student special offer for one month20 €

Geographical coverage: All around the world except countries that are subject to French, Belgium or NATO embargo. Commercial activities in the USA and Canada are not covered either.

How does it work to subscribe: Log in to your APPI account, if you are eligible, the "Order insurance" button appears in your "My account" page featuring the options that are available. To subscribe to an insurance policy, you must previously have ​entered proof of your identity with an identity card or passport.

Due to excessive spam control, many messages sent by yahoo are lost. We recommend, if possible, to not use yahoo mail, but instead another mail server.

2) Various APPI infos

APPI pro certified

- Following a decision of the pedagogical committee, and at the request of our insurance company, APPI instructors and tandem pilots that have been validated by equivalence of a qualification issued by a federation or a local authority have to attend an APPI pro-workshop.
These pro workshops are the opportunity to share the latest knowledge about gear aging, paraglider design and its implications on piloting, safety procedures, teaching tools and methods.
The pro-workshops scheduled for the next 6 months can be found here.
The deadline for this operation is end of 2017. Instructors and tandem pilots that have not been checked and validated thru a pro-workshop by then will temporarily lose their pro-certification until being checked.
These changes have been ongoing for two years already and many instructors and tandem pilots have already been checked. The stamp "APPI PRO certified" appears on their profile.

- Evaluation forms up to Advanced pilot level version 2.0 are online here, available only for affiliated members.

3) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Pro-workshop in Iran, given in english by Mendo Veljanovski and Manu Bonte, organization and translation by Mohammad Razeghi, October 13th to 23rd, 2016.
Workshop of training, evaluation and validation of paragliding tandem pilots and instructors.
For more information and registration, contact madrazeghi@yahoo.com.

- APPI Pro-workshop in Mexico, with APPI masters Edgar Paul Soria Cordones and Marko Hrgetic, October 24th to November 2nd, 2016, Valle de Bravo.
Workshop for training, evaluation and validation of paragliding tandem pilots and instructors.
For more information and registration, contact APPI@paraglidingmexico.com.

- Second APPI PPG Instructor Workshop Thailand 2016, October 27th to November 17th, 2016.
APPI PPG Instructor Workshop run by Master Instructors Alex Ledger and Zebur Mercan.
For more information and registration, contact SkySchool Flight Centre.

4) Some upcoming paragliding events and courses

- Romania XC seminar with Bruce Goldsmith, 16 - 20 August 2016 at Brașov.
You can book your place on the seminar through the Paragliding Romania website, and there is also a dedicated Facebook page.

- Brazilian first Paragliding Online Congress, 22 - 27 August in Brazil.
The purpose of the Congress is to develop and disseminate paragliding in Brazil.
We expect to have 3 online events during 6 days in a row, representing up to 18 online presentations. It’s going to be a 100% free event.
For more information and registration see here.

- Advance Coastal Clinic, Timbis, Bali, Indonesia, 25 August - 3 September 2016 with the collaboration of Temple Pilots Paragliding School.
Please write to Sachin or Temple pilots school for costs and details.

- XC seminar with Asterios Makrovasilis and Simon Kirsch at mountain olympus, Greece, 27 August-3 September 2016, with the collaboration of the school Olympic Wings.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

5) Record 226km task in Chelan at US Paragliding Nationals

US paragliding record

More than 60 pilots made a 226km goal at the US Paragliding Nationals in Chelan on Friday 15 July 2016, making it the longest successful competition paragliding task ever flown.

The task is the longest competition task in paragliding history. The previous record was set in February this year in Australia at the Manilla Open with a 215km race to goal. Thirty two pilots made goal.

More infos on Xc mag.

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