Newsletter in English - August 2017

August 2017
1) Hot APPI news
2) Free "Hanuman Airlines" film by APPI
3) Condorcitos: original paragliding for cancer patients
4) PPG news
5) Upcoming APPI workshops and events

1) Hot APPI news

FAI- The SAFEPRO standards for Paragliding by FAI ​are now available.
The new recommended Safety Profiency Standards for Paragliding, called SAFEPRO by FAI have been released.
APPI has contributed to the development of this international flight standard for paraglider pilots.
This standard is close to ​the one used by APPI, and we worked to establish a clear equivalence between the APPI levels and those defined in the safepro standard.
Equivalences will be given next month, and will soon appear on your APPI certification card with the display of the IPPI / FAI logo for the countries concerned.
This will result in some changes in the requirements for APPI pilots levels, therefore a new version of the logbook for solo paragliding pilots will be published by the end of the year.

International Express Carrier- For 20 APPI certification cards ordered, shipping by international express mail for free.
Currently we send APPI certification cards by simple mail, because the low price of the card (8 Euros) does not allow us to do otherwise.
But ​in some countries, the cards frequently get lost and we receive claims for cards not received.
For those who wish, we can send your card by international express carrier with a tracking number (with an extra cost paid by the pilot), but the high cost of this kind of transport (up to USD $ 60 for some countries) does not allow us to do it for everybody.
In order to try to solve these card problems, we ​give instructors the possibility of sending their students’ cards to them by express international carrier (with tracking number) without incurring additional costs if they can group a minimum of 20 APPI certification cards.
For this, when you register a new student, you must choose the option "Send my certification card to: my current APPI school" and in any case notify the secretary to not send the cards immediately but to wait for a sufficient number of cards to be sent to the school address.

APPI logbook for solo pilot Greek- Greek APPI logbook for solo paragliding pilots available.
In addition to the English, Spanish, French, Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian versions, our affiliate members can now download the Greek version of the APPI logbook for solo paragliding pilots.
Other languages are being translated.
This PDF file is accessible via the menu Instructors -> Download Documents.

APPI Hanuman Airlines film2) Free "Hanuman Airlines" film by APPI

We are pleased to offer our affiliate members free access to the first film made by APPI, "Hanuman Airlines: Fly over Everest".

This film tells the true story of two Nepali lovers of paragliding and mountain climbing, who decided to take off in tandem paragliding from the top of Everest.

This film won many awards, Golden icarus and Public choice at the "Coupe Icare 2011" and more...

Babu and Lapka were elected "Adventurers of the year 2012" by National Geographic.

Babu is now a recognized APPI instructor, and still lives in Nepal.

Connect to the APPI website to see this movie, then click the green "See Hanuman Airlines" button in your APPI account page, only affiliate members can view the film.

3) Condorcitos: original paragliding simulator for young cancer patients

APPI CondorcitosThe initiative has the support of "Jano Por Todos" and belongs to the industrial designer and APPI instructor Pablo Sánchez. The project in Argentina will allow patients in delicate health to handle a paraglider in real time.

"For children to fly a paraglider from their beds to give them joy and hope", is how Pablo Sánchez summarizes the idea of the "Condorcitos" initiative.

Th​is initiative aims to have children in cancer treatment and in serious health condition have a wonderful experience to help them emotionally.

Pablo told "Abchoy" that it is a device (like the one shown in the image) that will transmit movement, sound, vision and smells, taking advantage of technology such as the Internet and Wi-Fi.

"It is a project for the whole country, in two months we will have it ready and luckily we already have two companies that support us".

Pablo told us that the impulse for ​this project was that a friend of his, 19, was diagnosed with cancer. From there, he quickly sought the way of saying: you are not alone, here we are​ with you.

In this context, "Condorcitos" is aimed at "alleviating hospitalizations in childhood cancer," ​by proposing flying, sailing and climbing from the bed.

"They will be able to hear, see, feel the command, movement and even the smell of mountains where the paraglider is," he finished.

The project team are looking for more support (Facebook contact of "Jano Por Todos" or Whast-App 2494-488133). Every company that finances the proposal will be acknowledged by calling a rack by the company name and they will be kept informed at all times.

Because the idea, which ​is still in its early days, beholds another dream: to spread all over the country to help the little ones.

4) PPG news

APPI PPG BBC DocumentaryAPPI PPG Master Instructors Alex Ledger, Kester Haynes and Zebur Mercan have all been involved with a BBC Documentary in which they have taught an ex Welsh Rugby Player called Richard Parks how to fly.

The next step is to lead him across Wales for a TV series called Extreme Wales.
However the typical UK weather has made this project particularly difficult! Watch this space for further information…

APPI PPG BBC DocumentaryAPPI PPG BBC DocumentaryAPPI PPG BBC DocumentaryAPPI PPG BBC Documentary

5) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Pro-workshop in Mexico, with APPI masters instructors Edgar Paul Soria Cordones and Marko Hrgetic, and APPI Instructor Miguel Gutiérrez, October 20th to November 1st, 2017, Valle de Bravo.
Given in Spanish.
Workshop for training, evaluation and validation of paragliding tandem pilots and instructors.
For more information and registration, contact APPI@paraglidingmexico.com.

- A pro-workshop for paragliding instructors, tandem pilots and advanced pilots is planned in Spain at Ager with APPI master instructors Jordi Marquillas and Manu Bonte, from 16 to 27 October 2017, dates to be confirmed.
Contact: info@entrenuvols.com

See here for planned APPI pro-workshops for paragliding and here for PPG.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

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