Newsletter in English - August 2018

August 2018
1) Hot APPI news
2) APPI Tandem Course in France, May 2018
3) Upcoming APPI workshops and courses

1) Hot APPI news

- Exam questions translated in more languages
Now the exam questions for paragliding are translated in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Albanian, Greek and Serbo-Croatian.
These for PPG are available in English and Italian as well.

- APPI licenses printable from your APPI account
The licenses are now printable and valid for one year from the page of your APPI account, it includes the APPI 3rd party and accident insurance for those who have subscribed.
For instructors with an APPI "in progress" license, the term TRAINEE APPI INSTRUCTOR is displayed on the license.

- For technical reasons, if you are logged on the APPI website and it is not possible to see the contents of your account, you must click on LOGOUT then LOGIN to refresh your access rights to the pages of the site.

2) APPI Tandem Course in France, May 2018

APPI Tandem Course in France, May 2018

This official APPI Tandem Course was held in Allevard, France, with the help of the paragliding schools Go2fly and with the support of Meteoblue.

12 pilots and tandem pilots of 4 different nationalities attended this workshop. For some students, this was their first contact with tandem operation, while others already had solid tandem experience. Lectures and evaluations were conducted by Alex Ciuhandu and Manu Bonte.

The intensive 8 day course provided up-to-date information about gear aging, flight mechanics, piloting, weather forecasting, stress and risk management, tandem procedures and operations. Emphasis was put on safety procedures, and the perfect weather in Allevard allowed the attendees to perform 12 flights per pilot.

The systematic check of the glider trim, reserves and harnesses produced some unexpected findings… for instance there were several cases where the reserve riser sleeves would not open due to velcro lock.

Overall, the skill level of the pilots attending this workshop was quite good, and examinations resulted in the certification of 6 pilots as APPI pro tandem, and 5 as non-commercial tandem pilot. No doubt all of those pilots will operate according to APPI standards. Thank you guys, we wish you nice flights shared with your passengers.

APPI Tandem Course in France, May 2018APPI Tandem Course in France, May 2018APPI Tandem Course in France, May 2018APPI Tandem Course in France, May 2018

3) Upcoming APPI workshops and courses

- APPI Paragliding Pro-workshop in Nepal, given in English by Dale Covington and Olivier Cotasson, November 25th to December 2nd, 2018.
Endorsed by Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal.
Theoretical and practical validation workshop for paragliding tandem pilots and advanced pilots.
For more information and registration, contact Babu adventures International School or Blue Sky Paragliding School.
To participate in the workshop, you must book at Babu adventure school or Blue Sky paragliding at Pokhara before August 31th and pay an advance of 180 USD or 18,000 NPR.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

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