Newsletter in English - December 2016

December 2016
1) Hot APPI news
2) First APPI Pro-Workshop Mexico 2016
3) PPG news
4) Upcoming APPI workshops and events

1) Hot APPI news

- APPI Insurance.
We remind you that the APPI Insurance is available for European community and Swiss residents, as well as European community and Swiss citizens even if they live abroad.
The problem we face is that it is mainly professionals (instructors and tandem pilots) who have subscribed.
It is important that leisure pilots subscribe to this insurance because the cost of claims by professionals is usually very high, and the very low rate we obtained from our insurance will stand only if we have enough leisure pilots to counterbalance the risk.
We need a ratio of 10-15 leisure pilots minimum for one professional.
It is also very important that every all professionals do what they can to minimize risk by conducting themselves professionally and carefully (Specially tandem pilots must avoid risky behavior).
It is the responsibility of ​all instructors to promote APPI third party liability insurance for leisure pilots (the cost is only 40 euros/year for worldwide coverage up to 1,600,000 Euros !) and explain to pilots the risks of flying without liability insurance.
We recommend to all APPI instructors to contact leisure pilots around you, validate their level in the APPI rating system by having them pass the theoretical and practical tests, and so they will have access to the insurance.

APPI solo pilot logbook- APPI Logbook for Solo Pilots.
The logbook for solo pilots is now also available in Macedonian, in addition to English, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian.
The versions in French, Greek and Russian will come soon.
Then more translations will come later.

- APPI Paragliding Pedagogical Committee notice.
Following a decision of the pedagogical committee to ensure consistency in the APPI system, and at the request of our insurance company, APPI instructors and tandem pilots that were validated through equivalence in the early years of APPI must attend a pro workshop before the end of 2017.
Pro workshop is also the standard procedure for all experienced pilots wishing to get an APPI tandem or instructor rating (minimum experience : 2 years tandem/instructor activity, 150 tandem flights for tandem, 15 students for instructor).
These pro-workshops are the opportunity to share the latest knowledge about gear aging, paraglider design and
​the implications on piloting, safety procedures, teaching tools and methods.
The pro-workshops schedule can be found here.
The deadline for this operation is end of 2017. Instructors and tandem pilots that have not been checked and validated thru a pro-workshop by then will temporarily lose their pro-certification until being checked.

- Avoid payment with Paypal.
Due to high paypal charges and money that has evaporated from our account following a Paypal error (182 Euros), and Paypal do not answering our claims, we recommend if possible to avoid using Paypal for payment to APPI.
You can pay anyway directly by Visa card, Mastercard or bank transfer.
Thank you for your understanding.

2) First APPI Pro-Workshop Mexico October/November 2016

APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
From 24th ​to 2nd of November was held APPI PRO Workshop in Valle de Bravo, Mexico by APPI Masters Edgar Soria (MEX), Dale Covington (USA) and Marko Hrgetic (CRO). It was the first workshop in Mexico.

The workshop was attended by 32 pilots from Guatemala, Costa Rica, USA and Mexico. ​Out of the 32 pilots, 16 came for commercial tandem license and 9 for instructor rating.

The workshop included 6 days of advanced theory and 3 days of practical and theoretical exams that gave us 12 professional tandem pilots, 3 instructors, and 3 assistant instructors. "We were lucky with the weather and the exams went smoothly, except for one bad landing".

There ​are still a few things to improve in the next workshops and the feedback ​from the pilots was quite helpful to identify the details that need to be changed. In the future, the workshops will probably be harder with less basic stuff in the theory but more in the exams both theoretical and practical. For the next Mexican workshop we will only accept pilots with a valid APPI SIV course and APPI XC course.

The schedule for the next workshops can be found here so stay tuned. The next to be held in Mexico is not in the scope for now.

We are quite happy that we will have now pilots with international licenses and also able to issue APPI licenses to their students.

We are ​really happy ​because we now have pilots with international licenses who are also able to issue APPI licenses to their students.

Pilots that want to join the international APPI community will find with those instructors the possibility to be certified at their level ​in compliance with APPI standards.
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016
APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016APPI pro-workshop Mexico 2016

3) PPG news


APPI PPG Master Instructors Alex Ledger and Zebur Mercan are in the process of setting up a new school in Oman called ‘SkySchool Oman’.

The school will offer APPI PPG & ParaTrike pilot training, equipment distribution and maintenance, tandem ParaTrike flights, Paramotor holidays and instructor workshops.

Oman is an excellent flying location with consistent weather and offers European pilots the opportunity to escape the wintery weather and fly in a stunning part of the world. For further information, email: info@skyschooluk.com.

The next APPI PPG workshops are currently being confirmed however we are planning to run one in Greece in the Spring. To be kept up to date with developments, email: secretary-ppg@appifly.org.

4) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Pro-workshop in USA, Salt Lake City, Utah, given in English by Dale Covington and Manu Bonte, April 1st to 10th, 2017.
This intensive workshop will be a mix of classroom and field practice, and will include three sections:
A 3 day theory segment open to all interested pilots, a 2 day Tandem clinic open to current tandem pilots, and a 2 day theory course for instructors already certified thru USHPA. There will also be 2 days of practical evaluations for the tandem and instructor segments. Interested tandem pilots and instructors can qualify for their APPI tandem and instructor ratings through this course. While the opportunity to get an APPI rating from this workshop is a great benefit, the biggest benefit will be the comprehensive education and current knowledge provided.
For more information and registration, contact Dale Covington.

- More workshops are being prepared in many other countries, the location and date are not yet settled.
One is planned in Greece for spring.
Watch this page regularly to see paragliding workshops planned.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

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