Newsletter in English - February 2017

February 2017
1) APPI paragliding Insurance
2) Hot APPI news
3) Partnership between APPI and FAI
4) PPG news
5) Upcoming APPI workshops and events

1) APPI paragliding Insurance

Aviabel APPI

Turkey is the newest country where APPI insurance for paragliding is available. Turkish citizens and residents that are APPI certified for paragliding have access to insurance with their membership.

We are currently working on insurance in Mexico and will have it in place soon.

APPI Insurance for paraglider pilots is now available for the entire European community, as well as Turkish, and Swiss residents living in their country or even living abroad.

It is the responsibility of ​all instructors to promote APPI third party liability insurance for leisure paragliding pilots (the cost is only 40 to 45 euros/year for worldwide coverage up to 1,600,000 Euros!) and explain to pilots the risks of flying without liability insurance.

We recommend that all APPI instructors contact leisure pilots in their community and validate their level in the APPI rating system by having them pass the theoretical and practical tests, allowing them to have access to APPI insurance.

2) Hot APPI news

APPI logbook french

- APPI paragliding logbook for solo pilots available in French.
The logbook for solo pilots is now also available in French, in addition to English, Spanish, Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian.
The versions in Greek and Chinese will come soon.
Then more translations will come later.
This logbook can be downloaded on the download page of the APPI paragliding website for affiliated members.

- APPI Paragliding Pedagogical Committee notice.
Following a decision of the paragliding pedagogical committee to ensure consistency in the APPI system and at the request of our insurance company, APPI instructors and tandem pilots that were validated through equivalence in the early years of APPI must attend a pro workshop before the end of 2017.
Pro workshop is also the standard procedure for all experienced pilots wishing to get an APPI tandem or instructor rating (minimum experience: 2 years tandem/instructor activity, 150 tandem flights for tandem, 15 students for instructor).
These pro-workshops are the opportunity to share the latest knowledge about gear aging, paraglider design and ​the implications on piloting, safety procedures, teaching tools and methods.
The pro-workshops schedule can be found here.
The deadline for this operation is end of 2017. Instructors and tandem pilots that have not been checked and validated thru a pro-workshop by then will temporarily lose their pro-certification until being checked.

- Open Sky Tandem Pilot renamed to Non-Commercial Tandem Pilot.
The Open Sky Tandem Pilot (OSTP) qualification has been renamed to Non-Commercial Tandem Pilot (NCTP).
Moreover the APPI Tandem Pilot qualification will be called APPI Pro Tandem Pilot.
These changes are not yet made on all documents and the site, but will be gradually replaced.

3) Partnership between APPI and FAI

FAICIVL (Commission Internationale de Vol Libre or Hang gliding and paragliding commission) has decided to allow APPI to issue FAI IPPI cards for Mexico.

Also, recently the NAC of Bosnia and Herzegovina delegated to APPI the right to issue IPPI cards for citizens and residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The APPI card issued to pilots of Mexico and Bosnia and Herzegovina will include the FAI logo and IPPI level.

As the IPPI certification must be renewed yearly, the APPI certification card will show an expiration date of one year. However the certifications for paragliding aquired in the APPI system have permanent validity.

APPI PPG logbook

4) PPG news

The PPG logbook for solo pilot has been revised and modernized. It is currently being printed and will be ​available soon to our members.

5) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Paragliding Pro-workshop in Colombia, Jerico, Antioquia, given in Spanish by Manu Bonte, March 2-11, 2017 (date to be confirmed).
Theory course for paragliding advanced pilots, tandem pilots & instructors pro-workshop.
For more information and registration, contact Manu Bonte.

- APPI PPG Paramotor & Trike workshop in Greece, Mount Olympus on the Aegean Coastline, given in English by Alex Ledger, March 19th to 26th, 2017.
A 6 day APPI PPG intensive course for paramotor & trike - pilots and instructors - for the evaluation and validation of their level of knowledge and practice. The course will be implemented by examining the current theory and practical techniques within a standarized framework.
The paramotor & trike pilots and instructors who participate successfully in the course can qualify for the APPI PPG Education System pilot and instructor ratings by equivalence.
Most important, by following the course structure of powered paragliding in theory and in flight - through targeted lectures and actual simulations - the participants will attain a clear technical understanding as much as a thorough and complete knowledge base.
More information and registration here – Tel. 0030-23520-41741.

- APPI Paragliding Pro-workshop in Greece, Mount Olympus, given in English by Patrick Troubet-Lacoste and Asterios Makrovasilis, April 1-10, 2017.
Theory course for paragliding advanced pilots, tandem pilots & instructors pro-workshop.
For more information and registration, contact Asterios Makrovasilis.

- APPI Paragliding Pro-workshop in USA, Salt Lake City, Utah, given in English by Dale Covington and Manu Bonte, April 1st to 10th, 2017.
This intensive workshop will be a mix of classroom and field practice, and will include three sections:
A 3 day theory segment open to all interested pilots, a 2 day Tandem clinic open to current tandem pilots, and a 2 day theory course for instructors already certified thru USHPA. There will also be 2 days of practical evaluations for the tandem and instructor segments. Interested tandem pilots and instructors can qualify for their APPI tandem and instructor ratings through this course. While the opportunity to get an APPI rating from this workshop is a great benefit, the biggest benefit will be the comprehensive education and current knowledge provided.
For more information and registration, contact Dale Covington.

- More workshops are being prepared in many other countries, the location and date are not yet settled.
Watch this page regularly to see paragliding workshops planned.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

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