Newsletter in English - November 2017

November 2017
1) Hot APPI news
2) APPI workshop in Spain-Catalunya, October 2017
3) PPG news
4) Upcoming APPI workshops and events

1) Hot APPI news

- Update of online exam questions for paragliding.
All online exam questions for paragliding online were revised, simplified and corrected.
These questions will gradually be translated into several languages, if some instructors wish to help us in this task, please contact the secretary.

- Update of the system for launching online exams or personalized tests.
Instructors now have the option to run an online exam for their students, or just a custom test.
The custom test is very useful to test students knowledge before a theory course in order to identify the weak points. It is also useful to check after the course what’s has been understood.
The use of the tool is simple: the instructor selects topics and subtopics, and can ask the system to choose randomly a certain number of questions or select personally what questions he wants to ask.
Once the exams or tests are taken, the instructor can get statistics on the group of pilots that took the test, and can also get the list of wrong answers per person in order to give personalized feedback.

- Validation of tandem pilot and instructor levels during the workshops.
APPI workshop certificationFollowing a decision of pedagogical Committee, Assistant and Instructor ratings are now accessible from the Non Commercial Tandem pilot certification (Pro tandem pilot is no longer necessary), see the APPI Paragliding educational system.
The double certification will appear on the Pro workshop certification stamp for assistants and instructors.

- Safety warnings page.
Do not forget to regularly check the Safety warnings page for hardware security issues.
This page is updated regularly.

- APPI Paragliding Pedagogical Committee notice.
Following a decision of the paragliding pedagogical committee to ensure consistency in the APPI system and at the request of our insurance company, APPI instructors and tandem pilots that were validated through equivalence in the early years of APPI must attend a pro workshop before the end of 2017.
A pro workshop is also the standard procedure for all experienced professionals wishing to get an APPI tandem or instructor rating (minimum experience: 2 years tandem/instructor activity, 150 tandem flights for tandem, 15 students for instructor).
These pro-workshops are the opportunity to share the latest knowledge about gear aging, paraglider design and ​the implications on piloting, safety procedures, teaching tools and methods.
The pro-workshops schedule can be found here.
The deadline for this operation is end of 2017. Instructors and tandem pilots that have not been checked and validated thru a pro-workshop by then will temporarily lose their pro-certification until being checked.

2) APPI workshop in Spain-Catalunya, October 2017

APPI workshop Spain October 2017APPI workshop Spain October 2017This latest APPI Pro-Workshop was held in Ager, with the help of the paragliding school Entrenuvols. The Catalan paragliding federation « Federacio Aeria Catalana » recognized the value of this workshop making it part of the curriculum for catalan Instructors « Technico Deportivo 1 ».

9 tandem pilots and instructors attended this workshop, some of them involved in paragliding education since the early days of the sport.

This intensive workshop provided up-to-date information about gear aging, flight mechanics, piloting, weather forecasting, stress and risk management, tandem procedures and teaching pedagogical tools.

Emphasis was put on safety procedures, and tools to structure the pedagogical process and improve safety management.

The systematic check of the trim of the gliders produced some very unexpected findings on some gliders… like for instance 2 A lines 8 cm too long on a glider recently returned from an official repair shop !! The necessary corrections were made and everyone understood the importance of « survival rule #1 : never trust » ;-)

Lectures and evaluations were conducted by Jordi Marquillas, Manu Bonte and Olivier Cotasson.

The overall level of the instructors attending this workshop was quite high, congratulations to all ! It was a real pleasure to give this workshop. Final validation of the instructors will take place in a few weeks, in order to allow enough time for mastering the tools and procedures learned.
APPI workshop Spain October 2017APPI workshop Spain October 2017APPI workshop Spain October 2017APPI workshop Spain October 2017APPI workshop Spain October 2017APPI workshop Spain October 2017

3) PPG news

APPI PPG Sky School Oman
SkySchool Oman are back operating all summer and will be running regular APPI PPG Training courses for all levels from Pilot to Instructor Level.
They are also running a series of SkyWeek Adventures designed for qualified APPI PPG Pilots who wish to have a guided Paramotor Holiday around Oman’s stunning mountains, wadis, desert and remote beaches. They are an excellent way for European Pilots to escape the harsh winter!
For further information visit: www.skyschooluk.com/skyweek.

APPI PPG will be running another Instructor Workshop in Greece from 18th - 25th March 2018.
For further information contact: Stelios.

4) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Paragliding Pro-workshop in Greece, Mount Olympus, given by Asterios Makrovasilis, November 19-28, 2017.
Theory course for paragliding advanced pilots, tandem pilots and instructors pro-workshop.
For more information and registration, contact Asterios Makrovasilis.

See here for planned APPI pro-workshops for paragliding and here for PPG.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

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