Newsletter in English - September 2016

September 2016
1) About the APPI paragliding insurance
2) Hot APPI news
3) PPG news
4) Upcoming APPI workshops

1) About the APPI paragliding insurance

Aviabel APPIFind all details here.

Has been in place for one month already.

This insurance is currently available for European and Swiss residents, and also for European and Swiss citizens living abroad.

Already many APPI members have subscribed to the insurance, and that’s good.

The tricky point is that it is mainly professionals (instructors and tandem pilots) who have subscribed.

It is important that plain pilots subscribe to this insurance because the cost of claims by professionals is usually very high, and the very low rate we obtained from our insurance for professional activity will stand only if we have enough leisure pilots that purchase this insurance also.

It is the responsibility of each instructor to promote APPI third party liability insurance for leisure pilots (40 euros / year + 27 euros APPI affiliation for coverage up to 1,600,000 Euros!).

We recommend to all APPI instructors to contact leisure pilots around you, validate their level in the APPI rating system by helping them pass the theoretical and practical tests, and so they will have access to the insurance.

2) Hot APPI news

APPI solo pilot logbookAPPI solo pilot logbook spanish

- The new logbook for paragliding solo pilots version 2.1 is available for download on the APPI paragliding website, format A5, 56 pages, only for affiliated APPI members.
This booklet contains the necessary requirements up to the advanced pilot level as well as the requirements for SIV and XC specialties.
These requirements will become the new reference for APPI pilots, and must be followed by the APPI instructors.
This logbook will be available soon for bulk purchase by instructors on the APPI website.
The Spanish version of the logbook is almost ready and will be available for download shortly.
Other versions in different languages will follow.

- Following a decision of the pedagogical committee, and at the request of our insurance company, APPI instructors and tandem pilots that have been validated by equivalence of a qualification issued by a federation or a local authority have to attend an APPI pro-workshop.
These pro workshops are the opportunity to share the latest knowledge about gear aging, paraglider design and its implications on piloting, safety procedures, teaching tools and methods.
The pro-workshops scheduled for the next 6 months can be found here.
The deadline for this operation is end of 2017. Instructors and tandem pilots that have not been checked and validated thru a pro-workshop by then will temporarily lose their pro-certification until being checked.

APPI temporary licence

- The APPI temporary certification card has been renewed, displaying now your current APPI insurance policy status.
As an affiliated member, you can print it yourself from the "My account" page of your APPI website.
This temporary card does not replace your membership card, but will confirm your APPI qualifications in case of urgent need.

3) PPG news


Cayle Royce has become the first double amputee to fly a solo ParaTrike the length of the UK, from John O’Groats to Lands End.

The expedition was led by APPI PPG Secretary Alex Ledger who taught him how to fly last year. He was joined by two other able bodied pilots, James Borges and Jake Holland, and supported on the ground by APPI PPG Instructor Rob Furnival and Juliet Luffman.

The team departed John O’Groats around mid day on Thursday 21st July and arrived in Lands End around 9am on Wednesday 27th July. The trip took 6.5 days during which they covered 750 miles and spent 26 hours flying.

Cayle’s bespoke paramotor equipment was supplied by UK based company Parajet and he was sponsored by the charity Help for Heroes.

It was a truly epic journey and one which can be watched here.

All photos can be accessed here.

4) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Pro-workshop in Iran, given in English by Mendo Veljanovski and Manu Bonte, organization and translation by Mohammad Razeghi, October 13th to 23rd, 2016.
Workshop for training, evaluation and validation of paragliding tandem pilots and instructors.
For more information and registration, contact niviukiran@gmail.com.

- APPI Pro-workshop in Mexico, with APPI masters Edgar Paul Soria Cordones and Marko Hrgetic, October 24th to November 2nd, 2016, Valle de Bravo.
Workshop for training, evaluation and validation of paragliding tandem pilots and instructors.
For more information and registration, contact APPI@paraglidingmexico.com.

- Second APPI PPG Instructor Workshop Thailand 2016, October 27th to November 17th, 2016.
APPI PPG Instructor Workshop run by Master Instructors Alex Ledger and Zebur Mercan.
For more information and registration, contact SkySchool Flight Centre.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

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