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APPI is helping Babu to promote the dream to make a feature Film of his story. Everyone can participate! All donations will be in responsibility of APPI regarding to this project. And all donors will be informed, following the progress of the project and having credits on it.

The happiness to share the story, not only to hundreds, thousands of people, to give inspiration to the life of millions of people. That’s the dream. ’’Life is challenging and the dream is never ending. With the heart and the belief, everything is possible...’’
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Your participation is an important support for Babu’s project, for the sport, the dream, and to continue ongoing efforts to develop paragliding. This is the spirit.

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The dream must go on! The idea is to transform Hanumman Airlines into a feature movie. Babu story, from the ancient village to crossing Nepal on Bivouac flight s during two months, flying from Everest, kayaking to the ocean, his arrival to the western civilization, ideas and concepts about the life and nature. There are many things that must be shared, taken to the world.

For this to happen, with the help of everyone, it might be possible. The project is coming from the heart as an idea of doing something beautiful and giving to the world. The purpose of the project is to share the incredible story. Fly over Everest is the most exciting chapter, but only part of the full story.

The current situation, besides the recognition of the media, has not changed in regarding to sponsorship. Babu and Lakpa are very simple and adventurers men to sell projects, and the same happen to all friends who produced the film, who did it most for love and sharing, challenge.

The Hanumman Airlines team wants to continue the work, to have a feature movie and the first time paragliding spreading to the international cinema with such a story not only to move pilots and adventurers people around the world, but anyone who loves the dream, the challenges and the inner power that is within.

Now we invite more people to join and participate. It could be maybe the first Film in the history of the cinema independent that had not only one production investor but opening to friends all over the world, no matter nationality. We believe that many people would like to participate and to have a chance to do something meaningful joining Babu’s project.

In May 2011, Babu and Lakpa became a legend to the world of paragliding. They were the first people to ever fly over Everest. They would climb to the world’s highest point, launch a paraglider and fly for as long as possible, bicycle to a point where streams gathered into rivers, kayak across the Nepali border into India, and paddle the Ganges River all the way to the Indian Ocean. It would be an unprecedented first, but it was the overall combination of sports, audacity, and friendship that drew the duo to the idea. Babu, 28, had no climbing experience. Lakpa, 37, had never kayaked and didn’t even know how to swim.

On June 27, they became the first people to complete the descent from Everest’s summit to the Indian Ocean.

There were no social media campaigns, corporate sponsors, or expedition websites, just the essential ingredients for adventure - vision, creativity, and friendship - as it was described by National Geographic, for what they were elected the best adventurers man of the yea, on February 2012.

To produce Hanumman Airlines was possible only because of friends help working together, meeting the right people in the right place, in the right moment. It was meant to be. It was a funny and hard target, without proper equipment and no budget, from innumerable technical problems from having 17 hours power cut electricity in Nepal almost every day, working on external batteries, and so on. The making off of the movie would be another incredible movie!. Because of it, now Babu can share his story to the world in a effective way, the film is running many festivals around the world, and invites all to participate on making a feature film production. We keep in mind the belief that "everything is possible, and the dream is never ending" - said Babu...