SIV master

Become SIV master only on request to APPI pedagogical committee.

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the certification SIV & Acro master
Firstname Lastname Country Certification Website School
10170 Pablo Lopez AR-Argentina PG Master Instructor 2015 www.lopezsat.com Safety Acro Team (17)
10174 APPI Equivalence CH-Switzerland PG Master Instructor 2015 www.appifly.org APPI International (1)
11079 Alain Zoller CH-Switzerland www.siv-at.pro SIV Air Turquoise (204)
11469 Jordi Marquillas ES-Spain PG Master Instructor 2013 www.entrenuvols.com Entrenúvols (100)
10005 Mathieu Abrard FR-France PG Master Instructor 2014 misty fly (40)
10171 David Eyraud FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Paragliding School of Passagers du Vent (18)
11476 Fabien Blanco FR-France PG Instructor 2015 flyeo.com Flyeo (141)
13011 Bruce Goldsmith FR-France PG Master Instructor 2015 www.flybgd.com Bruce Goldsmith Instruction (156)
10004 Mendo Veljanovski MK-Macedonia PG Master Instructor 2014 www.acromacedonia.com Acro Macedonia (3)
10002 David Arrufat NP-Nepal PG Master Instructor 2014 www.paragliding-nepal.com Blue Sky Paragliding (21)