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Sano Babu and Lapka on top of the world!

Babu and Lapka Adventurers of the Year 2012 on National Geographic.

APPI with the film Hanuman Airlines, Fly over Everest won the First prize, the Golden Icarus and the Icarus from public at International Free Flight Film Festival of St. Hilaire, Big Big Congratulations to Babu, Lapka and all APPI team!

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  • Babu and Lapka on the Guinness World Records Book 2013.
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  • Babu’s X Alps Fundraising: Babu has now been invited, along with APPI and his supporter Alex Ledger, to compete in the Red Bull X Alps in 2013. The Red Bull X Alps is the toughest multi sport event in the world, during which 30 athletes paraglide, run or walk more than 850kms in less than 10 days from Salzburg to Monaco. The first athlete to Monaco is the winner!
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  • Coupe Icare 2011 Summary
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Award prizes at St. Hilaire for the film ’’Hanuman Airlines’’, from left to right: David Arrufat (Master instructor, representative of APPI), Babu Sunuwar and Lapka Sherpa.Congratulations also to APPI member Scott Mason who won the Icarus for the human adventure with the film ’’Flight for survival’’, from left to right: Lapka Sherpa, Scott Mason and Babu Sunuwar.

APPI Tandem Pilot Sano Babu Sunuwar took off from the summit of Everest with Sherpa Lapka flying over the world’s highest mountain!!!

They took off from the Summit of Mt. Everest on May 21st 2011, on a tandem flight and broke the World Record of Altitude in Paragliding. Not just because they took off from Everest, but because they flew over Everest, about 30 meters above the highest mountain that any pilot or any human being ever been, and the first cross country flight ever done in Everest region. Following the track of the flight, they did about 31km, flying around Nuptse and landing in Namche Bazar Airport.

The project and plan to fly from Everest happened in less than 2 months, with very little financial support, in the limit of saving of both pilots. But still the adventure is not finished.

They continue the adventure for the next 3 or 4 weeks, walking, cycling and by kayak-duo, on a river class 5 (having Lakpa Sherpa never swimmed in his life!), until they arrive to the ocean.

Lakpa Sherpa is a famous summiter and took at this expedition 3 pax with him for the first time to the Summit, not only Babu Sunowar, but Phu Dorge Sherpa and Nima Wang Chu Sherpa. At the way to the Summit, they lost one bottle of oxygen at 7.900m. Lakpa Sherpa gave his own bottle to Babu, having no oxygen himself even during and after the take off.

The fact to arrive to the ocean from Everest has a strong meaning to Babu: « from where the water starts, from the Supreme source, to where the water divides into egos and have separated names, to where the water units and all rivers become one with the ocean »
The subtle message reflects it all of the spirit of these two simple men who love the mountains and nature.

We wait for them to come back to have the completed story and adventure on earth.
Congratulations to the National hero Rai Babu Sanuwar, Lapka Sherpa and to all Sherpa community!

(On the picture: Babu and Lapka at the Base Camp before the ascent.)

Babu, a twenty-eight years old APPI Tandem Pilot, has successfully flown with a paraglider over the summit of Everest today, May 21st 2011. He had the most incredible flight ever done and broken the record of height and distance. Babu gained altitude over the take off, at the summit of Mt. Everest, and had a 31km cross-country flight over the biggest mountains of the world.

Landing at the airport of Namche Bazaar, the Sherpa town and mountain capital of the Everest region, at an altitude of 3,750m, Babu now is getting ready to continue his adventure, by kayak Topolino/duo, from Nepal, crossing to India, and to a final arrival in the ocean, in Bangladesh.

Babu has flown on tandem with his passenger Lakpa Tshering Sherpa, 35-year-old, an experienced Everest man, who had reached the summit several times on the past years - and is going to continue the adventure on the river, as well - even if he doesn`t know how to swim. Lakpa Sherpa does not stop his challenges there, trusting Babu with his river guide experience.

Babu and Lakpa, with a camera man and a cooker man, climbed together Everest from the Nepal side along the classic South Col route. They took off from the north-west side of Everest, following the ridge down to the other side to the Western Ridge and into the Everest basin.

From there to the south-west, crossing the massive Nupste of 7,861m, continuing in a straight line, crossing the summit of Pokalde Peak at 5,806m, popular trekking route, to Ama Dablam, and finally arriving - nothing better to land than a simple mountain airport, if we can say so - at the airstrip of Syangboche.

Babu, full name Sano babu Sunuwar, is an APPI tandem pilot, certified at an APPI paragliding school in Nepal. He has been trained by David Arrufat and sponsored by APPI for his challenging character, optimism and inner determination.

CV of Sano Babu Sunuwar

What we could say about Babu is that he is a lucky man and beloved one who always have something positive to say, if not an smile to give. Here is Babu full power smile at the Base Camp, before the ascent to the flight which would make him a legend.

On March 2010, Babu completed his previous challenge of crossing his home country in tandem bivouac, in a 850km 30-day adventure from east to west of Nepal. Where Babu has seen incredible contrasts of his country on beauty, simplicity and lots of adrenaline, with thermals more than 18m/s, and having Shree Shestra as his passenger and camera man.

Having so much love for nature, rivers and mountains, Babu named his second son of four months old, nothing less than "Himalaya", as soon as the baby was born - on the time that he had no plan yet to fly from Everest, even if it was an old dream since he started to fly. The idea came just little after, when once again he met his friend Lakpa and decided that he had found the right person as a passenger, partner and brother for a life story.

*Only two other pilots took off from the summit of Everest, one in 1988 and another in 2001, ten years ago.

Details of the schedule:

- Saturday May 7, they have already reached the base camp 3, and for the moment they acclimate to the altitude.

- Friday May 12, they are ready to climb, the ascension is scheduled May 18, depending on weather.

- Saturday May 16, the summit was cloudy, the attempt was postponed to May 21. They returned to base camp.

- Wednesday May 18, they returned to base camp 2 or 3 for the final assault.

- Thursday May 19, the attempt is imminent, they are already at 7200m.

- Friday May 20, 7h53 local hour, altitude 7420m.

- Friday May 20, 11h36 local hour, altitude 7850m.

- Friday May 20, 14h15 local hour altitude 7900m, they reached the South Col, they will leave tonight to the top.

- Friday May 20, 21h24 local hour altitude 7900m, last message : Everest expedition going good, see map for location.

- Friday May 20, 23h06 local hour altitude 7980m, On the way to the top.

- Saturday May 21, 1h15 local hour altitude 8250m.

- Saturday May 21, 6h53 local hour altitude 8700m, almost...

- Saturday May 21, 8h23 local hour altitude 8848m, they reached the top of the world.

- Saturday May 21, 9h24 local hour altitude 8848m, message: On the top of the world, let’s hope for good conditions to fly!

- Saturday May 21, 9h55 local hour, They are flying !.

- Saturday May 21, 10h37 local hour altitude 3750m, They landed at the airport of Namche bazar !.

- Friday May 27, they continue the adventure to the sea.
Follow them to the sea

- Wednesday June 8, leaving Nepal to India by kayaking.

- After many adventures they reached the sea Monday, June 27.

- Saturday September 24, they won the both top Awards at the Free Flight International Film Festival of Saint Hilaire, the Golden Icarus and the Icarus from public.

You will see the film of this feat at the International Free Flight Film Festival of St. Hilaire, France, September 22-25 2011.

Official trailer 2011

World Altitude Record, Flying over Everest:

From the base camp:

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From over the top of the world to the sea