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Colombia Paragliding
Fly-site Hostel and School
One of the best fly-sites in South America
Bucaramanga (BGA) has become a fun and safe place for paraglider pilots, eco-tourists & backpackers from all over the world. Check our testimonials at

A great site for pilots of all levels. Thermals in the morning and ridge-soaring in the afternoon. Fly-school and tour packages.
There aren't many places in the world that you can launch, land, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat 350 days per year.

We offer private rooms with hot showers next to launch and a great view of the city. Classes are Monday thru Saturday from 9-12 and 3-6. We typically have students flying by the 3rd or 4th day and completed within 10 class days. New/used paragliders at a much better price than U.S. or E.U.. Non-pilots welcome.
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How to go there
If you come by bus, get off before Bucaramanga in "Floridablanca" at a parada called "Papi quiero Piña"
and then a short taxi ride to the flysite.

Airport baggage claim has lots of taxis waiting for
you outside the baggage claim that can bring you
directly here. You should negotiate a price of
50,000-80,000 COP at the start.

We are located at Km2 via Ruitoque, Floridablanca.
The hostel is one door down from the flysite
"Parapente Las Aguilas". Ring doorbell. 678-2722.
When to go
350 Flyable days per year!
Peak season runs from Christmas thru February.
Flying conditions
Morning Thermals arrive like clockwork daily.
Quick retrieves can have you back in the air if
you bomb out.

Afternoon ridge-soaring into the sunset.
Hours of thermal dynamic flying over a mesa.

Top Landings, Tandems, Retrieves.
The best flight to do
If you can get a group of 4 minimum,
we can take the tour to Chicamocha Canyon.
A 1,400m vertical morning thermal flight.
Landing on a flat river-bed and swimming!
Stay right next to launch...
Here you can enjoy our 2-story house with an upper deck, pool and a great view of the city all next door to launch. Rooms are nice and comfortable with private bathrooms and hot water showers. There is also a dormitory with 8 beds and a shared bathroom/shower. Spacious kitchen with gas stove and 2 refrigerators. An office with Wi-Fi internet access, PC computer, and a balcony with hamocks and views of the city. The weather is a perfect 70-80 degrees F, and the views of Bucaramanga are incredible.

You can have thermic flights in the morning, ridge soaring all afternoon, top land, eat an empanada at the Las Aguilas cafeteria, then relax in the hammocks or visit the city. Enjoy the camraderie of many local pilots and visitors from all over the world at this special site.

Enjoy your adventure trip for less by staying in our fly-site hostal in Ruitoque, right next to Las Aguilas fly-site. The city is close at hand for shopping and night time fun.
What else to do...
Rock Climbing, Bicycling, Horseback Riding, Birdwatching, Hiking, Paintball, Go-Cart racing.
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Site rules and regulations
Mandatory paragliding gear:
Current PG license, certified helmet,
reserve parachute, 2-meter radio.

Any of the above gear can be rented.

One at a time in the top landing.
Tandems have right of way.
School events & competitions
• A Paraglider's Paradise

• Hostel next door to takeoff

• Thermals in the morning and ridge-soaring in the afternoon

• Fly school and tour packages

• Non-pilots welcome
We have extremely safe, English and Spanish certified instructors with good reputations. After 7-years, our fun tours around Colombia have grown in popularity.

Please read our testimonials at
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School inside this zone
Colombia Paragliding picture

Colombia Paragliding (99)
The Beginner course includes dormitory bed, breakfast, retrieves
and wifi for $2,500,000 COP. The course runs Monday thru
Saturday 9am-12pm and 3-6pm. Bring ankle supporting boots. Optional items to bring: sunblock, hat, swimwear, and insurance. Additional intermediate courses are available.
We offer the FAI, and APPI international license. Private rooms
are available by reservation at a reduced rate for students.

Instructors Working/teaching at the school

Flightsite inside this zone
Voladero Las Aguilas pictureVoladero Las Aguilas (44)
KM 2 Via Ruitoque, Floridablanca
Level: Easy
Take-off: 7°2′35"N, 73°5′28"W, altitude 1200m, GR 5
Landing: 7°2′59"N, 73°5′57"W, altitude 950m
Usually practicable from january until december
A beautiful flysite located on a Mesa. Conditions are consistent and predictable. Best time of year Dec-Feb and Jun-Aug, However, there are only 5-10 days per year that we cannot put a glider in the air. This place is great for students and expert pilots. Landing is 250 Meters vertical, 1,200 Meters distant from take off at a 5:1 glide ratio.
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