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Falcon's Paramotor and Paratrike school
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The best of the place

Falcon's Paramotor and Paratrike school in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso state, Brasil.
Escola Falcon de Paramotor e Paratrike em Cuiaba, estado de Mato Grosso, Brasil.
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How to go there
Cuiaba/Chapada dos Guimarães, state of Mato Grosso Brasil. Cuiaba/Chapada dos Guimarães, estado do Mato Grosso, Brasil.
Get here by plane or bus from diffetent cities in Brasil. Pode vir de avião ou ônibus de diferentes cidades do Brasil.
When to go
All the year. O ano inteiro.
Flying conditions
Generally good conditions for flying.
Geralmente boas condições de voo.
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Fly from Chapada dos Guimarães, 60km from Cuiaba, until Lago do Manso and get the best views. It's very, very beautiful, you can see waterfalls, rivers, mountains, cliffs, forest and the lake for the last, worth it. But for this fly, you need south, southwest or southeast wind, usually you get it from June to September every year.
Voe de Chapada dos Guimarães ao Lago do Manso e consiga as melhores e mais bonitas imagens da natureza que possa imaginar! Voe por cachoeiras, rios, montanhas, florestas, penhascos e finalize com o famoso Lago do Manso. Mas, para esse voo é necessário vento sul, sudoeste ou sudeste que ocorre nos meses de Junho a Setembro.
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Hotels, pousadas, camping and/e hostels.
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What to do around
Go to Mirante in Chapada dos Guimarães, visit the waterfalls, do tracking, go to good restaurants of local and brazilian food, do caiaque caiman 100, stand up paddle at Lago do Manso and many other activities.
Vá a Chapada dos Guimarães e visite o Mirante, as cachoeiras e restaurantes com comidas típicas matogrossenses. Faça caiaque caiman 100 e etc. Aproveite para visitar o Lago do Manso, fazer stand up paddle e muitas outras atividades.
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Watch out the Chapada dos Guimarães cliffs! They can take your breath out.
Não deixe de visitar os penhascos da Chapada dos Guimarães! Não verá igual!
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- Follow the rules of aereo space and aereo traffic according to the rules of the National Civil of Aviation Agency - ANAC in Brazil;
- Comply with and ensure the regulations of the Confederation (CBPM) and Assossiations (APPI PPG) of fly;
- Communicate to the coach, Confederation and Assossiation any accident or incident of fly;
- Fly in paramotor and paratrike with certified glider, controled by the instructor of Falcon's Paramotor and Paratrike school.

- Seguir as normas de espaço e tráfego aéreo regulamentadas de acordo com as normas determinadas pela Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil – ANAC no Brasil;
- Cumprir e zelar pelos regulamentos da Confederação (CBPM) e Associações (APPI PPG) desportiva de voo;
- Comunicar a seu técnico, Confederação e Associações qualquer acidente ou incidente de voo;
- Voar em paramotor e paratrike com parapente homologado, controlado pelo instrutor da Escola Falcon de Paramotor e Paratrike.
Fernandes Martins de Vasconcelos
APPI PPG instructor.
APPI Paratrike instructor.
License n°14620
Introduction photoPassport photoAPPI Equivalence (10174)
Sex: Male
Working/teaching at the school: APPI International (1)
APPI virtual instructor, used by the staff to register new members to the name of APPI.
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Cliff's Chapada dos Guimarães MT.
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