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Welcome at the Belgian Free Flight Federation !

Foreign paraglider and hang glider pilots in Belgium
To fly in Belgium, any paraglider or hang glider pilot needs a third-party liability insurance (with a recommended coverage of 1.500.000 EUR). On certain sites (7-Meuses and Beauraing), you also need a licence equivalent to the IPPI-4 level. For cross-country flying, an IPPI level 5 is demanded. Flying sites in Belgium are often very demanding and small; knowledge of priority rules and a good launching technique are paramount. We also kindly request any pilots flying in Belgium to be a member of a free-flight association that is member of the FAI end/or the EHPU.

Cross-country flights in Belgium are complex due to the abundance of restricted airspace. Most of the uncontrolled airspace is located in the south of Belgium, where most of the flying sites are located, but good knowledge of the airspace is required. Cross-country flights executed without an airspace map (paper or electronic map on GPS) is very difficult and illegal in Belgium.
Hang gliding and paragliding is allowed only in G class airspace. During weekdays (except holidays), the upper flying limit is always 4500 ft AMSL (1370m sea level) and lots of military airspace zones may be active. During weekends and on holidays, upper flying limit may rise to FL50, FL70 or even FL90 (exceptionally), depending on activation of special G-airspace (LFA GOLF).
Activation of this upper flying limit can be found on following webpages : http://www.bvvf.be/NL/xc.php or http://www.bvvf.be/FR/xc.php.
Before flying, it is absolutely necessary to consult the NOTAMs on following webpage : http://www.belgocontrol.be/belgoweb/publishing.nsf/Content/Operational.
Click on „DAILY WARNINGS“ and on the map of that day. Clicking on the NOTAM numbers in the region where you will fly will reveal their details.

No commercial flying is permitted (tandems) in Belgium unless special permit is issued by government body, and with the authorisation of the Belgian Federation on their flying sites.

Foreign schools and competition organisers need to obtain the approval of the site manager and the BVVF-FBVL.

Use of 2 m band radio is illegal in Belgium without a special licence.

Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

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