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APPI flight schools and flight centers:

Vertical Dimension two stars Flight school (182)
Banishora 15D str., 1217 Balsha village
Website: www.verticaldimension.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment repair
Manager: Tzvetan Tzolov (12021)
- We are free flight school for PG,PPG and winch tow. We offer free fly tandem flights from mountain or hill or winch tow. Also we offer and paratrike tandem flights. We offer all kind og PG and PPG equipment. We repair all (...)

Parafly (179)
Sofia, Nadezda 1, str. Tzarevets 26, 1229 Sofia
Website: parafly.org
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Equipment rental - Equipment repair
Manager: Yasen Neychev (12333)


Balsha air field
Banishora 15D str., 1217 Balsha village
Activities : Paramotor ParaTrike
- Very nice rectangular 50x70 m. grass air field. Clear take off and landing approaches. Only on 170 deg. take off we have two big trees.The field has small tilt from N to S. So our recommendation TO directions to be from E (...)