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See the Swiss Hanggliding & Paragliding federation SHV/FSVL

As long as you don’t have your place of residence in Switzerland:

  • Solo Pilots need the IPPI Card level IV or V (see www.fai.org)
  • Tandem Not allowed! You need the Swiss tandem licence.
  • Foreign pilots may acquire a Limited SHPA Membership for Meteo and Airspace Informations; valid for the current year.
  • Motorized hang and paragliding are not allowed in Switzerland.

Third party liability insurance for pilots, as demanded by Swiss laws, Insurances for Holiday Guests; additional accident insurance; valid for periods of 30 days. You always have to carry the proof about this cover with you.

Local airspace rules:
There are many local rules with restrictions. Check informations at the flying sites and ask the local school or club.
Emergency number 144.

Rules for avoiding aerial collisions:
Converging courses : When two aircraft of the same classification converge at approximately the same altitude, the one with the other on its right shall give way.
Priorities: 1. Aircraft in troubles, 2. Balloon, 3. Glider (Glider, PG, HG), 4. Airship, 5. Dragging aircraft, 6. Powered aircraft.
Approaching head-on : When approaching approximately head-on with a risk of collision, both aircraft shall alter course to the right.
Overtaking : When overtaking another aircraft you must give way to it and alter course to the right to overtake.
Aircrafts turning in thermic have to be overtaken on the right side.
Thermal flights : You have to turn in the same direction as the other gliders already do.
Ridge soaring : When ridge-soaring, if two gliders are flying towards each other at similar height, the pilot with the ridge on the left should move out so that the other has room to maintain course without having to turn into or over the ridge.)
Landings : An aircraft landing or on final approach has right of way over all other aircraft in the air or on the ground.
The lowest aircraft of any on an approach to land has right of way, provided it does not cut in front of or overtake any aircraft on final approach.

Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

APPI flight schools and flight centers:

Element Air two stars Flight school (5)
79 ?
Website: www.nendaz-parapente.ch
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions -
Manager: Herve Cerutti (10128)

APPI International two stars Flight school (1)
MSA - 41A route des Jeunes, 1227 Carouge
Website: www.appifly.org
Manager: APPI Equivalence (10174)
- Virtual school, used by APPI staff to provide license by equivalence to pilots and instructors.

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