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Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

APPI flight schools and flight centers:

Extreme Style three stars Flight school (219)
Nikoloyamskaya 49-2-18, 109004 Moscow
Website: www.extreme-style.ru
Services: Courses - Tandem flights -
Manager: Dmitry Gusev (14317)

Paradrom "Chegem" three stars Flight school (239)
per. Suusuzla, 1, 361416 village Eltyubyu
Website: www.fly-chegem.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Equipment rental -
Manager: Andrey Saprunov (15295)
- Chegem - unique mountain paradrom. A wide range of weather conditions, typical for Chegem, makes this place interesting for pilots of any skill. Beginning pilots can practice takeoff and landing in calm morning and evening (...)

Pilotage Flight School by Sergey Malyshevskiy two stars Flight school (290)
Promishlennaya str., 80-144, 432029 Ulyanovsk
Website: paraplan.blizko.ru
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment rental - Equipment repair
Manager: Sergey Malyshevskiy (19486)


Lopotovo flying field
Moscow region, 40 km from Moscow, Lopotovo village., 125493 Moscow
Activities : Paragliding
- Tested flying field (flatland) size: 1,3x1,0 km.