Saint Hilaire
Saint Hilaire photo

Welcome to Saint Hilaire (106) flight site

Place: 38660 Saint Hilaire

Country: France

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Medium.

Description: Come and fly on the iconic flying site of the legendary "coupe icare".
East-facing site : Ideal for XC.

Take-off: 45°18′36"N, 5°53′23"E, altitude 0 meters, GR 0 (see in google map).
Up to three take-offs, depending on the wind direction.
As the site is really popular, you should not fly if no pilots are around. At least you should wonder why...

Landing: 5°54′36"N, 45°17′59"E, altitude 0 meters (see in google map).
Hassle-free landing with restaurants, flying shops...

Weather and wind at this place: weather station: http://www.balisemeteo.com/balise.php?idBalise=61
webcam : http://murblanc.org/prevol/

Going there: You may use the funiculaire (cable train) to get up to take-off to save a car retrieve.
Check opening hours and timetable on the website (http://www.funiculaire.fr/) for a scenic journey up to take-off.

Special flying rules at this place: Read instructions at landing prior to flying.

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

Flightsite created on 27 October 2017 by Olivier Cotasson (16360) .