Ager, Spain
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Welcome to Ager, Spain (13) flight site

Place: Ager, Catalunya, Spain, 25691 Àger

Country: Spain

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Beginners.

Description: One of the best XC Paragliding sites in Europe and an ideal training location for beginner and intermediate Paraglider pilots.

Take-off: 42°2′46"N, 0°44′45"E, altitude 1585 meters, GR 5 (see in google map).
big open and accessible take off site

Landing: 42°1′1"N, 0°44′42"E, altitude 650 meters (see in google map).
Several options, one directly below the take off which can get turbulent at the end of the day due to rotor. Another large landing area at the bottom on a farm where the schools are based with a slightly down hill slope.

Weather and wind at this place: Great when southerly but beware of the east wind!

Going there: 25 minute drive from Ager to the take off.

Special flying rules at this place: Speak to the local pilots and schools for advice before flying.

Usually practicable from february until october.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

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