Welcome to SIERRA DE GISTREDO (17) flight site

Place: By Robledo de las Traviesas. Noceda del Bierzo, 24319 Leon

Country: Spain

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Pending.

Description: Mountain and flat lands flight. Quite thermic with good xc potencial. Not crowdy. Good track, not necessary 4x4 vehicle

Take-off: 42°44′20"N, 6°28′8"W, altitude 1735 meters, GR 4 (see in google map).
Huge and easy. Recheable by normal cars

Landing: 42°42′52"N, 6°26′54"W, altitude 840 meters (see in google map).
Also huge. Hang-gliders use to land there

Weather and wind at this place: Continental clima.
South and south-west

Going there: Reach Noceda del Bierzo and then drive direction Toreno, after Robledo de las Traviesas 1 km. and turn right to Gistredo. After 4 kms. driving up... voilà!!

Special flying rules at this place: Don’t land on the fields with plants..

Usually practicable from march until october.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

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