Devils Dyke
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Welcome to Devils Dyke (20) flight site

Place: The Devils Dyke Dyke Road Poynings, BN1 8YL Brighton

Country: United Kingdom

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Pending.

Description: This site has a half-mile NW ridge, leading westwards to a N facing bowl with a NE spur, followed by a 2 mile N ridge (more a series of bowls) to Truleigh Hill.

Take-off: 50°53′7"N, -0°12′45"E, altitude 215 meters, GR 3 (see in google map).
Grassy area in front of Devils Dyke Inn.

Landing: 50°53′24"N, -0°13′3"E, altitude 63 meters (see in google map).
Rectangular set-aside area next to the road at the bottom of the hill.

Weather and wind at this place: Wind Direction: WNW to Wind Direction: North. Best Wind Direction: NW.

Going there: By car.

Special flying rules at this place: This site, especially at weekends, can be very busy. To avoid problems arising from congestion, please read carefully the marshalling system rules.

The steep, wooded bowl to the north of the Pub (immediately to the right of the main take-off area) is for the use of model fliers only. It is not to be over-flown below 250 ft agl.(950 ft msl). The boundary is designated with a line of white posts.

The paddock area, from the earthworks to the fence immediately west of the Pub, is for the exclusive use of hang gliders, when present. It is to be kept clear of paraglider traffic, as much as is reasonably possible, so as to facilitate hang glider take-off and allow for over-shoot. The presence of hang gliders may be indicated by a red windsock being flown on the fence immediately west of the Pub. Should you land your PG in this area when the red windsock is being flown, then mushroom the glider and walk back to the main take-off or to the bowl to the west. Do not re-launch from the paddock or ground handle your glider up the slope below the paddock. Even if the red windsock is not flying, you should still mushroom the glider and walk back to main take off.

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

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