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Black Beauty
Black Beauty photo

Welcome to Black Beauty (24) flight site

Place: Bhraman Pada, Shirgaon, Near Viva Engineering College, Virar east, 401301 Virar

Country: India

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Medium.

Description: Training and ridge soaring hill

Take-off: 0°0′0"N, 0°0′0"E, altitude 0 meters, GR 0 (see in google map).
Not motorable. One has to climb the hill. Takeoff area at 350 feet as well as 450 feet.

Landing: 0°0′0"N, 0°0′0"E, altitude 0 meters (see in google map).
Huge open flat land

Weather and wind at this place: Coastal site, mostly sea breeze

Going there: Motorable from National Highway till the landing zone

Special flying rules at this place: None as of now

Usually practicable from september until june.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

Flightsite created on 7 February 2012 by Samson Dsilva (11143) .