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Welcome to llogora (35) paragliding flighsite.

Location : 1000 vlora

Country : Albania

Acivities : Paragliding

Level of difficulty : medium.

Description : take off not easy. landing very good and big. the weather condition are change fast same time. nice view.

Take off area : 40°11′17"N, 19°35′57"E, elevation 895 meters, GR 0 (see in google maps).
there is not long take off with stones around. difficult to take off with out wind.

Landing area : 40°9′19"N, 19°36′34"E, elevation 0 meters (see in google maps).
different place to land and on the beach, each of them big and clear.
easy and soft to land

Weather and wind : very good in summer time. wind not strong and little on the site.

Going there : by car. the take off is just close to asphalt road. driving from landing to take off 30 min.

Specials flying regulations and rules : non one

Usually practicable from May to October.

Number of accidents declared on this site : 0.

Flightsite created the 16 May 2012 by Roland Dorozhani (10768) , and modified the .