Tak Alti
Tak Alti photo

Welcome to Tak Alti (37) flight site

Place: 25th km of Tehran highway, Tabriz-Iran, 51579-83646 TABRIZ

Country: Iran

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Confirmed.

Description: Tabriz Paragliding Club

Take-off: 37°58′44"N, 46°38′10"E, altitude 2594 meters, GR 0 (see in google map).

Landing: 37°57′30"N, 46°37′37"E, altitude 1926 meters (see in google map).

Going there: call 09141157680 (Younes Anvar)

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

Flightsite created on 4 June 2012 by Younes Anvar Hagigi (11346) .